Pandora Arrives On DISH Network

Dave Zatz —  April 19, 2012


TiVo isn’t the only game in town when it comes to merging subscription television with Internet content via a set-top. And DISH Network is next in line to offer Pandora music streaming from their new Hopper, whole-home DVR. It’s the same Pandora you know and love – create or sign into an account and stream personalized “radio” stations. For now it’s just the Hopper hub with access, but Joey extender support is expected in June and DISH tells me they’re looking at possibly bringing tunes to the ViP 922. If you don’t have DISH, DirecTV and Verizon are other providers who offer Pandora. Which, I suppose, is less threatening to their business model than say Netflix access.

4 responses to Pandora Arrives On DISH Network

  1. Do we really trust kangaroos to have the wisdom to not open Pandora’s Box and unleash all kinds of hell into the world?

    After all, they’re just marsupials. Even humans have lots of trouble resisting the temptation, but roos? Seems like tempting fate to me.

  2. Is that a facebook icon too? What other apps are on the Hopper and what do they look like?

    I like DirecTV’s implementation of Pandora. It looks like the HDUI and its done well. Dish’s seems like it doesn’t follow any of the UI styling guidelines of the Hopper’s interface at all. Kind of a jarring experience. Akin to a PC or Android vs a Mac or iPhone (where there is some level of UI consistency between apps).

  3. Not sure how the Facebook app looks or works, haven’t actually used the Hopper to this point. One of my Twitter peeps wanted me to write up how good it is, but without seeing it firsthand I’d have a hard time adding more to conversation. I suggested he give me a few sentences and photos of his experience to share.

    Regarding look & feel, Apple TV and your DirecTV experience will be the exception and most will have apps that match whomever is providing the content.

  4. I kind of like the consistency that you see in DirecTV and Apple TV (even the way xbox 360 apps have the same navigation).

    It makes the product easier to use because your adapting to an already familiar interface. I’m not sure if you posted about Pandora on DirecTV but if you google image search “directv pandora ui” you can see some screen shots to see what I mean.

    The Dish implementation looks a little rough around the edges. The solid sharp corners on buttons and the abundance of Times New Roman font remind me of web design back in 1999.