"New" Roku HD Lands On Retail Shelves


Just last month we reported that a new “Roku HD” SKU had hit the FCC, and today I found it nestled amongst the Roku 2 XD and XS models at Walmart. As the lowest priced Roku to grace store shelves ($60), I’m sure casual shoppers on a budget seeking to fulfill their Netflix or Pandora needs will be quite satisfied with the 720p streamer. However, folks in the know may be slightly baffled with Roku’s branding… as they’re simultaniously pitching this new “Roku HD” at the same time they’re offering the similar “Roku 2 HD” online… for the same price. Not to mention, by my count, the Roku 2 is actually fourth generation hardware. And, so, perhaps this labeling change up suggests Roku will be following in Apple’s footsteps by dropping the numerical suffix.

As we wrote last month:

the new HD (model 2500) seems more akin to the LT (model 2400) than the 2 HD (model 3000). The most obvious visible changes are a return to three distinct composite inputs – something folks are more familiar than the single 3.5mm adapter they’ve been using lately. Further, the base of the new Roku 2 HD is purple. One potential cost saving measure includes doing away with the microSD slot, which is used to store additional channels and game data, and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn they’ve similarly dropped Bluetooth, utilized by their gaming remote.

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  1. Engadget heard back from Roku who confirms this model will replace the 2 HD. They also mentioned it has a slightly larger footprint, which is news. But they didn’t have anything to say on the branding front. On paper the Roku LT and new Roku HD feature possibly identical specs, so I wonder if they’ll simplify the line to Roku HD, XD, and XS. Or maybe HD and XD, plus the gaming accessory.But, not only don’t I understand their methodology, I’m not sure they do either at this point. ;)

  2. As always, curious about the presence or lack of a 5GHz WiFi radio receiver, which has been the single thing that made the whole Roku 2 line unpalatable to me…

  3. Does the remote have the shortcut buttons?

    and does it have 2GB of memory like the one leaked earlier this year?

  4. FCC doc indicates it includes 2GB of onboard storage and you can see the remote in one of the box pics above – it does have the shortcut buttons mirroring my Roku LT… which may not be long for this world.

    Chucky, doubt it. That’d cost more money and this device is shaving parts.

  5. Did anyone ever find out why this model is larger? According to the specs at Walmart it is .52 inches larger in width and depth. It is still only 1 inch thick though.
    new Roku HD 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.0
    Roku2 3.38 x 3.38 x 1.0

  6. I have a roku hd i bought about 3 years ago why cant i get the new guide on it like all the other roku boxes? i’m still at 3.1 and when i try a software upgrade it says there is no new upgtade for it On HD NATION they said ALL the roku boxes should have the new software upgrade by now.

  7. Unfortunately, Roku hasn’t excelled in the branding department and there is more than one “Roku HD” — only “Roku 2” hardware (which is actually like the 3rd generation Roku) is capable of upgrading to the new UI and it sounds like you may have the older model. I assume yours does not look like the one pictured and the top surface is like a grate…?

  8. nope mine is the older roku hd,I guess i’ll have to put that one in the bedroom,then buy me a roku 3 for the living room.

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