HTC Media Link HD Launching Soon, Under $100

Dave Zatz —  April 25, 2012


After Pandora and DISH but before Sony, Team ZNF visited HTC last night at CES on the Hill. In addition to face time with the new HTC One line of Android smartphones, we were briefed of HTC’s upcoming Media Link HD — a television dongle that seems to replicate the AirPlay experience the iPhone and Apple TV provide. So your HTC Sense 4 Android phone would beam something like photos or video to the HDMI-connected Media Link HD for display on your HDTV. However, unlike AirPlay, HTC’s compact solution allows you to multitask. For example, watch video on the big screen while checking email on your handset. HTC’s rep informed us the device would be available “in about a month” via select carriers, and ultimately Best Buy, retailing for $79 or $89.

4 responses to HTC Media Link HD Launching Soon, Under $100

  1. I have an HTC Vivid from AT$T with the recent Ice cream Sandwich update and hybrid Sense 3.6 with some stuff from Sense 4 tossed in. any idea how I can find out if my phone will work with this

  2. Don’t know. I’ve been told some other bloggers have review units at this time, so perhaps they’ll be able to address specs and supported hardware whenever it is their embargo lifts. Probably will just have to wait and see, maybe follow XDA. Hm.

  3. Sascha Segan over at PC Mag seems to have one of the few real reviews up:,2817,2403441,00.asp

    Doesn’t seem too impressed with his hands on. But he also had issues with AirPlay that I haven’t experienced. Both of the phones he had access to were both HTC One S phones, so no hint about what other device support there might be.

    If this worked reliably, was broadly supported over HTC’s lineup, and maybe had some improvements over AirPlay (like broader codec support–appears to be there; and HDMI CEC support–no hint of it) it could be a great thing. Hard to tell yet.

  4. Turns out the reason other sites didn’t pick up our small scoop on pricing and retail availability is because they all have review units. ;) The one person I spoke with wasn’t so impressed… Not sure when the embargo lifts and other reviews will hit. Or maybe I missed them?