Save Some Money On Roku


In the market for a Roku streaming box? If so, you’ve got a few deals to choose from today… At the high end, the “flagship” Roku 2 XS is 20% off as Amazon’s Deal of the Day. Instead of $99.99, you’ll only be paying $79.99. Beyond providing access to a variety of “channels” including Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and Pandora this model also features a Wii-esque motion control remote that enables gaming — think Angry Birds. Possibly more practical is the inclusion of USB and Ethernet jacks that its lower end brethren lack. If, by chance, Amazon sells out or you miss this opportunity, Best Buy is offering the same model for a slightly lesser $10 discount — clocking in at $89.99.

If these features don’t appeal or the Roku 2 XS is still more than you’re prepared to invest in a streamer, Woot is offering two different prior generation Roku boxes for $49.99. However, I’d urge folks to consider the similarly priced Roku LT instead – it may cap out at 720p, versus the 1080p found on several other Roku models, yet that higher definition streaming content is hard to come by. More importantly, this model features Roku’s current hardware and software platform. Meaning it’s more likely to see updates and new features… including Netflix captions and BBC iPlayer.


In other Roku sales and marketing news, it appears they’ve recently invested in a Best Buy endcap (pics below). It’ll be a reasonably attractive and informative advertisement once Best Buy powers on the TV, removes those “do not inventory” stickers from the streamers, and come up with a better way to secure the remotes to the display.

3 thoughts on “Save Some Money On Roku”

  1. It is a tough call between the 2nd gen Roku and a jailbroken Apple TV. We have both, running Plex for local content. The Roku has a PlayOn channel which we use for playing the few TV shows we follow and it has streaming Amazon content…. but the Apple TVs play our photo collection for us, so in our house it comes down to needing both. I wish the new, lower cost Roku boxes had ethernet.

  2. Why can’t Plex handle your photo collection? Is it not possible, not elegant, related to Photostream, something else? (I, also run both Roku and Apple TV. But I’m a collector of gadgets – to most I recommend the $50 Roku LT.)

  3. Dave,
    Yes, you are right about Plex and the photos, but we use the ATV2 screensaver to display the photos, which turns the TV into our photo album. The kids also like using the TV to see the photos and videos they take with their iTouches, either though the photo stream or but sending them over with airplay.

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