Getting A Great Deal On An iPad


Looking for a bargain on possibly the second best 10″ tablet? When Apple introduced the third generation iPad, they cunningly kept the prior generation base iPad 2 in play… by dropping its price $100. And, at $399, the iPad 2 is a decent deal. Yet, for many, the new iPad screen is worth the $100 surcharge despite the additional heft and heat. But at $350 or $360 the dynamics may be more compelling, especially for folks on a budget or those anticipating limited tablet usage. MicroCenter is currently blowing out their iPad 2 inventory at $359.99.  As you can see from the pic above, at least one Best Buy is willing to price match – and a friend picked up two on the cheap. Should these supplies run out, Apple is offering refurb iPad 2s for $349. While some may not be entirely comfortable purchasing a refurbished product, having bought several Apple devices this way, I can tell you they’ve all been pristine – including our former iPad 1. Further, refurb Apple iPads carry the same 1 year warranty you’d receive with a new device.

(Thanks, Ricky Tan!)

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  1. I purchased a refurbished iPad 2 last November for $449, which was a good deal at the time. It looks and performs exactly like a new one. All refurbished models contain a new battery and have a new outer shell. I think the Apple refurbs are the best way to go for someone looking for a used iPad.

  2. I showed this to a co-worker and she went out at lunch to Best Buy with a Micro Center advert. She was told that they wouldn’t match Micro Center’s prices. YMMV

  3. Yeah, I’m sure it depends what clerk you get and what store (plus you probably need a Micro Center within X miles). But if it’s been abused, stores could have also received a memo from corporate to deny. Here’s their official policy – I suppose they could deny based on limited quantity and presumably clearance, but how would Best Buy determine Micro Center’s inventory and intentions?

    Best Buy will match the price if you find a lower price on an identical available product at a local retail competitor’s store, a local Best Buy retail store or Simply let us know when you are making your purchase or during the return and exchange period.

    The Guarantee does not apply to: Our competitors’ website prices, offers that include financing, bundling of items, free items, pricing errors, mail-in offers, competitors’ service prices, items that are advertised as limited-quantity, out of stock, open-box, clearance, refurbished/used items, Deal of the Day items, Midnight Sale and special hour sale events, Outlet Center and Marketplace items, and items for sale Thanksgiving Day through the Monday after Thanksgiving.

  4. Yea the closest Micro Center to this particular Best Buy is actually in the next county so it would be interesting to see if trying at a closer Best Buy would yield different results.

  5. “And, at $399, the iPad 2 is a decent deal.”

    If you already own a panini press, true. But if you need a tablet and a panini press, the economics of the iPad 3 look better.

  6. Yeah, my 3 does generate a decent amount of heat. I don’t have any high powered games, so I’m not sure what’s been triggering it. My first thought was, why worry a case will protect my hand (not that it’s scalding, but it’s a distraction and can become uncomfortable). But then I figure if the heat doesn’t dissipate, maybe a case will shorten the lifespan of the internal components. But I’m not sure how long we’ll hang onto the iPad (under normal circumstances, given my gadget flipping tendencies) and we don’t tax it much yet. I’m more concerned with the 5 or 6 hours it takes to charge the thing, which seems kind of insane. I’ll give it another few days. Perhaps we’ll trade it in for a refurb iPad 2 and pick up a Kindle Fire with the savings (more or less).

  7. And speaking of the refurb iPad 2, I just ordered one for my mom in lieu of an 11″ HP dm1z laptop for $380 – which wouldn’t ship until 4/3. iPad should arrive tomorrow or Friday. I’ll definitely need to get her a Bluetooth keyboard, but I think she’ll have more fun (in addition to utility) with the iPad and the battery life is hard to beat. Plus, she won’t have to pull it out of her backpack at airport security most of the time. Win, win, win.

  8. I can tell you for sure that best but is not allowed to price match unless there is another store in the same city that has the product in stock and is offering it at a lower price.

  9. I stopped at an Apple store the other day to have a look at the Retina Display on the new iPad. It is beyond clear. Crystal clear in fact. All you need to do to see the difference is to look at the new iPad up against the iPads they use to display the specs of the item on a given sales table. You simply cannot see pixels on the new iPad.

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