Comcast Launches TiVo Xfinity On Demand In April


I have it on good authority that Comcast’s Xfinity On Demand TiVo app will launch in early April — Intel that lines up with TiVo’s recent quarterly call indicating service will roll out within weeks… versus months. Instead of reselling the TiVo experience, as Comcast once attempted, the new initiative makes Xfinity On Demand programming available via TiVo Premiere DVRs acquired through retail channels, like Amazon or Best Buy. While the traditional pay per view content looks somewhat pricey, compared to say Apple TV and Redbox, the real value comes from the oodles of free on demand content that Comcast provides their customers. The first market to receive access will be San Francisco and if these cellphone pics don’t do it for you, there’s more eye candy to be had on TiVo’s Xfinity landing page.

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  1. I should add that I believe Xfinity On Demand content will be integrated into TiVo Search and that while Comcast cable is obviously required, Comcast doesn’t need to be your Internet provider.

  2. I wonder if this uses your Comcast High Speed Internet connected bandwidth, or if its sent via QAM and the Tivo is just told where and passes the encrypted bits through the cable card….

  3. @cypherstream,

    Sending 15Mbps HD on demand shows over IP (typical bandwidth for Comcast VOD HD shows in MPEG-2)? Now I know Comcast has started doing parallel ingests in both MPEG-2 and h.264, so its possible they might be able to do it at half that. Still, I think those requirements would be too high in a lot of cases, even at 7.5Mbps. I have to assume they’re doing this over QAM.

    The TiVo is already capable of tuning to a given program number on a given QAM frequency. All they’d need to do VOD would be to send the command (I want to watch this movie, I agree to pay for it, I just pressed rewind) via IP thru a gateway to Comcast. And also in response to the VOD request they would need to be able to get the required frequency and channel number back from Comcast through that same gateway, again over IP. I’ve always assumed that’s how it would work.

    Of course this same infrastructure would allow them to do SDV without a tuning adapter. Time Warner? Your move.

    Hey Dave, you going to cover the rumors of Google selling the Motorola STB division, Cisco selling SA, etc? While I don’t see any way we’re all getting rid of these stupid STBs any time soon, you have to wonder how cable is going to keep moving forward when none of their partners can be bothered to stay in the business.

  4. Glenn, to spell it out for me, you are suggesting that this will not be using internet bandwidth to stream the show, right, just for the setup?

    This would be great, the reason I haven’t fully switched to tivo. Guess
    i’ll have to get a couple premiere’s now.

  5. It’s rolling out nationwide, or is this still the limited roll out starting in San Francisco?

  6. Glenn, not sure what else I could say about the Moto and Cisco set-tops. If they are flipping, I suppose it’s a good opportunity for folks like Pace and TiVo to pick up market share? Panasonic’s done, but I’m not sure Samsung is – so they may see it as an opportunity too?

    Mike, San Francisco first with other markets to follow. However, neither TiVo nor Comcast have identified the other markets or timing. Thanks, Jack. ;)

  7. I would think the hometown region (Philadelphia metro) would get it. I mean the stinkin headquarters are located there. If anyone were to test it, it would be headquarters. You see how big that building is? I was in it. Impressive. Really cool HD Video wall in the lobby.

  8. Yeah, I was there about two weeks ago. Loved the wall, especially when they virtualized the panels so it looked like stuff was floating above it – had me stumped for a good minute. :)

    Here’s a video I tweeted “from the field” – does it deserve a post? I have more video and some pics. But, Mari covered it once or twice before…

  9. How much, if any, On Demand stuff is commercial free?

    I would love to use On Demand to avoid having to DVR stuff (and/or deal with conflicts/stupid shows that need padding).. but only if it’s commercial free.

    I know there are some commercials on stuff my mom watches On Demand on her cable box.

    Is any of the rerun primetime stuff commercial free (or FFable)?

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