Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Timing & Pricing

While running errands at the mall, I swung by the relatively new Microsoft Store. And, as you can see from the pic above, they’ve done a nice job duplicating Apple’s iconic store design… with the addition dark woodgrain surfaces (bad) and rich projection displays (good). Not to mention red store employee t-shirts replace Apple’s blue.

Speaking of those store employees, two confirmed reports┬áthat they’re accepting $25 deposits on the flagship Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone (on AT&T). However, as I tweeted, it’s pretty absurd to pre-order a device that has no announced launch date or pricing. So, of course, I pushed the staff for details. They stated rather factually that I could request white or black Lumia 900 hardware which they expect to release in the second half of March, after the 15th. Unfortunately, they weren’t so certain on pricing. One employee figured the Nokia handset would run about $200, while the other conferred with the manager who wasn’t given concrete details but inferred it’d be made available between $150 – $199.

The timing lines up well with the rumored March 18th launch date, but I’m somewhat bummed they couldn’t (yet?) corroborate a $100 price tag to undercut the competition. Until we know more, the Samsung Focus Flash remains my favorite Windows Phone. But only time will tell if it sees WP8 software and/or Skype video conferencing. Which you can pretty much guarantee will find its way to the Lumia 900.

3 thoughts on “Nokia Lumia 900 Launch Timing & Pricing”

  1. Sounds like the March 18th launch date is pretty much a given, since its from actual AT&T launch slideware as Paul Thurrott has confirmed.

    Skype is apparently going to remain an app even in Windows Phone 8 according to that Joe Bellfiore video so I don’t think you have to worry about that.

    Will any of these phones get Windows Phone 8? I don’t think anybody knows, since clearly they’re talking about cranking up some of the specs. And they’ll be trying to avoid talking about it for a while yet.

    Pricing for the Lumia 900? Haven’t seen anything other than speculation. Personally I think they’re crazy stupid if they don’t underprice it, given their crazy low marketshare, and the need for Nokia to re-enter the US market from scratch again. But hey, that’s just my opinion. $99 or less I’d say.

  2. Hello everybody, I am debating about upgrading my n8 and am looking at this one My mobile gives you the ability to set many alarms at one time but many handsets don’t have this feature . Does anybody here know if this lumia is able for many alarms at one time? If possible then is there a certain number? Cheers for answers as I really like this handset but really need the multiple alarm. My job depends on it…

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