Redbox Coupon Codes

Dave Zatz —  August 18, 2011


Given Redbox’s national expansion into gaming and the Netflix price hike, I’ve been paying more frequent visits to my local disc dispensing kiosk. And there’s really not much to say… Redbox kiosks are super efficient and disc rentals are extremely economical, even if the selection is sometimes limited. But, to avoid disappointment, one can browse their online catalog before hitting that supermarket, 7-Eleven, or Mickey D’s. Further, promotional coupon codes are frequently available online. I needed a Call of Duty fix a few weeks back and actually discovered codes designed to provide a free one night DVD rental will actually take $1 off a $2 Blu-ray or video game rental as well (but only the first night). Even better? Redbox provided us with some unique, one time codes to share.

Entering this giveaway is as easy as it gets, simply leave a comment if you’d like one of five Redbox DVD rental codes. We’ll choose the winners at random in a few days.

45 responses to Redbox Coupon Codes

  1. Stephen Morrison August 18, 2011 at 6:38 am

    We love using Redbox on trips with the DVD player in the van….and renting a disc in one city and dropping it off in another!

  2. I would be perfectly happy to get one of those free codes! Please & thank you.

  3. I’ve never used Redbox. I suppose a coupon would get me out there to do so. Thanks!

  4. Redbox is good. Thanks.

  5. fingers crossed for free codes

  6. Redbox is great.

  7. Free Redbox! Count me in!

  8. Free Rebox codes? Yes, please!

  9. Thanks for sharing!

  10. I’d love a free Redbox coupon code. I think they have the best service. They are inexpensive compared to one-time downloads or streaming rentals. And I don’t spend enough time watching moves to warrant a streaming plan. But to watch one or two movies a month – Redbox is such a great option!

  11. Jeffrey Martinez August 18, 2011 at 8:36 am

    Hi Dave , If you have a jailbroken iphone, you can download an app called redflix.This app will not only show previews of movies, but has a coupon code data base. The codes don’t always work, but I manage to rent at least 1 free movie every week.

  12. We use Redbox all the time… I’d love to help you use up these free codes.

  13. Love my S3.

    Thanks all…

  14. would be great to fill the gap created from CANCELLING my NETFLIX DVD subs

  15. That damn Redbox on the way home from work makes me cheat on Netflix all the time. I still love you Netflix, but Redbox is always there for me.

  16. Due to budget cuts, the local library has curtailed its DVD purchases and I’ve been visiting the Redbox (and Blockbuster) kiosks more often lately. A free rental code would be great.

  17. I always love some Redbox Coupon Codes. Makes a day just that much better.

  18. Sure, why not.

  19. Absolutely! Never tried Redbox until Netflix announced their rate hike. Haven’t cancelled Netflix yet but have so far been pretty impressed with Redbox — especially since my family does most of its movie watching on the weekends.

  20. I like free movies. Please randomly pick me.

  21. Big fan of Redbox!

  22. Free Redbox? Thanks Zatz!

  23. Redbox is so much better than BlockBuster Express. Every time I use a BB Express kiosk, I have to click through a legal agreement. Totally lame.

  24. Never tried RedBox, but am intrigued… sadly they seem to be the best place to rent games near me (the Blockbusters around me all shut down)

  25. Redbox is good, free codes are better!

  26. Whenever I see a movie with a so-so review I think “probably still worth a shot from Redbox for a buck”

  27. I’ve enjoyed redbox. Both games and movies. I can see opportunity for them in building queues like Netflix for movies and games and placing those upcoming movies and games in proximity and letting you know it’s there. There have been a number of times where the movie I want to see isn’t at the redbox near me.

    Please include me in the drawing. Thanks!

  28. I love Redbox. Please include me!

  29. Free Redbox codes? I’m in…at least my kids will get their Disney fix! :-)

  30. I’ll admit it…I’m addicted to Redbox coupon codes. Even if it’s just saving a buck, I get an unhealthy pleasure from getting my movie for free. I’ve even considered calling my credit card companies and faking a lost card, just so I can get newly issued cards with new numbers that will each work once with the infamous DVDONME code.

  31. I’d like to give Redbox a try… It’d be a nice change from streaming only from Netflix.

  32. Netflix price hike is coming Sep. 1 – I will be cancelling my subscription so this is a good time to try Redbox.

  33. Would love to have free Redbox codes!

  34. I’ve only recently began using RedBox as I ditched my Netflix subscription in light of the recent rate hike.

  35. Always a fan of free.

  36. Redbox is great. My town has one on each side of the former Blockbuster store.

  37. Free red box! Great movie night with the wife and I will get to pick the flick!

  38. I am in and hoping that there are not already known codes like these ones:

    DVDATWAG (Walgreens)

  39. Free Redbox. Yes please.

  40. I’d love to win.

  41. I’d love me some RedBox!

  42. has declared 23 12 14 19 17 as the winners.

    Update… Ron typo-ed his address, so comment number 5 is now a winner.