DISH’s XiP 813 Next Gen DVR Nears Launch?


DISH Network’s next generation whole-home DVR passed through the FCC today – with minimal confidentiality requested, suggesting launch may approach sooner than expected. If you recall, the XiP 813 DVR was unveiled a few months backĀ and features 3 satellite tuners writing to 1 terabyte of storage. The EchoStar-produced product is also quite svelte by DISH standards… perhaps by doing away with integrated “SlingLoaded” placeshifting functionality, as offered in the current gen ViP 922. What makes the XiP813 notable is that it not only serves as a highly capable DVR, but it also acts as a hub – streaming recorded shows around the house to upcoming XiP 110 extender units (that also handle live TV). Hit our DISH Team Summit post for photographs of the new hardware, thanks to SatelliteGuys.

7 thoughts on “DISH’s XiP 813 Next Gen DVR Nears Launch?”

  1. They told me at Team Summit that the equipment was almost done, but the software (which is based off the 922) was still a ways off.

    I have a feeling though that this box will make its presence known in a big way at CES this year.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on one!

  2. Hm… are you sure? How did the beta ViP 922 remote with touchpad work? Perhaps in this case it means we can expect a QWERTY remote or remote accessory… hm. (And its those Bluetooth capabilities that are probably why this had to be approved by the FCC.)

    From the test report:
    For remote control operations the set top box is equipped with a rear panel 2.4GHz RF4CE radio. For optional peripheral device operation the set top box also has a front mounted Bluetooth 2.4GHz radio.

    Hm, peripheral… wonder what else they’re contemplating? Soundbar? Smartphone linkage a la Apple TV airplay and/or a virtual remote?

    Bummer, though – sounds like you still think we’re on for a 2012 launch. I was hoping this filing indicated we’d see something in 2011.

  3. Please, Dish, get the XiP 813 correct and working well out of the box on day one. No on would be foolish enough to expect perfection, but a decent stable box with nearly all the promised features would be a first and smart move by Dish. We hope it doesn’t become the TiVo Premiere (or ViP 922, for that matter) of Echostar/Dish STB’s. Of course, a number of updates to follow after release day, but let’s get this ready for prime time and the XiP 813 will fly off the shelves (presuming not an overly burdened pricing structure), for this box will, if delivered as promised, blow all other “whole home” DVR’s away, and could help Dish gain a few subscribers, high quality ones at that.

    I am waiting and ready to pounce on an XiP 813 when available. I hope I don’t have to play the usual game of waiting 6 month to a year for Dish to get all the MAJOR bugs out before it I feel comfortable getting one. Best of luck and wishes to Dish to get this one RIGHT!

  4. This is the stuff that will make me want Dish More, if not for the better selection (IMO) of HD Channels than DirecTV, but finally a solid multi room solution with an HD GUI commanding it.

    My DirecTV contract should be up September 2012, so hopefully by then I also get the path to the “Eastern Arc” cleared (thanks to stinking trees) and maybe I can try Dish Network for a few months before the end of the world!

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