CNN iOS App Updated – FiOS Customers Rejoice


Last month, CNN updated their iPhone and iPad apps to stream CNN and Headline News live… if you happen to subscribe to one of their television partners. While Verizon was announced¬†as a compatible pay TV service, the app didn’t actually provide a FiOS TV login. Until today. And now our iPad will become our sunroom and kitchen television.

As a FiOS TV subscriber, it’s not quite the Cablevision experience I was looking for. But it’s a solid start and has the benefit of working beyond the home. In fact, it even works pretty well with AppleTV via Airplay. Although CNN is usually background noise and I’m not sure we’ll take them up on that use case.

4 thoughts on “CNN iOS App Updated – FiOS Customers Rejoice”

  1. Good deal. I love Anderson Cooper though (and we’re following this breaking story) I’d rather kill myself than watch Wolf Blitzer again.

    So on FiOS you’ve got what now, HBO Go, CNN Live. Where the hell is that FiOS TV app that they demoed back in 2010? Its still not out yet right?

  2. Oh, and just the obvious plug… if you want a CNN alternative that works great, try Al Jazeera English. Tone is very BBC World. Yes be aware of potential biases, but I’ve been impressed by their coverage in a number of cases (the earthquake in Japan for example).

  3. Would love to know what kind of fee structure they’re charging carriers. No Directv, etc yet.
    You would think that CNN would want this available to as many viewers as possible as opposed to holding it up for fees.

  4. Gregg, look at the middle screenshot under the post. DirecTV is listed as a partner (along with DISH, Cox, Comcast, and U-Verse).

    Glenn, during the Egyptian chaos we watched Al Jazeera for the first time (via FiOS TV here in the DC region) and were impressed. Will have to check out their app (or is it a site).

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