TiVo Android App Released (in the UK)

Thanks to an ad run in CE Pro, we knew TiVo had Android and iPhone software in the pipeline. And a variant of their Android app has now been released… in the UK. Unlike TiVo’s rich and powerful iPad app, the Android experience being made available to Virgin Media TiVo subscribers is significantly pared down – merely featuring a guide, with the ability to record individual episodes or schedule a Season Pass. The free app, available via the Android Market, also features Virgin’s red theme and minimal TiVo branding. So it’s safe to assume this won’t be exactly what makes its way to TiVo Premiere customers here in the US. However, beyond cosmetic changes, I’d hope for somewhat more robust functionality – including the ability to manage recordings and a virtual remote. But, perhaps that’ll have to wait until v1.5.

4 thoughts on “TiVo Android App Released (in the UK)”

  1. You know, ever since the whole Echostar case was finally settled, we are starting to see stuff come out of development for Tivo.

    Hopefully this accelerated pace (from the norm) continues and Tivo Fans have some great new features to make them proud Tivo owners.

  2. Eh, I think you’re seeing a trend where there is none. Things like these have been in development months and the timing to the case is coincidental. It’s not like the lawyers are developing the apps. However, I do hope TiVo is hitting their stride. And doesn’t forget us retail customers.

  3. Agree that its encouraging to see the quality and pace of TiVo updates improving. Still a long way to go to consider them at a world-class (Apple) level. They are clearly focusing their key software engineering resources on Virgin Media but there are glimmers of progress on the US/Premiere front as well.

  4. If Tivo stiffs all us TivoHD users, by never releasing these apps for us (only for Premiere), then this will be my LAST Tivo purchase. EVER!

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