Roku 2 Launching With Angry Birds

Either this a clever marketing stunt or one Roku employee won’t be so happy with his daughter once this YouTube video (above) comes to light. We know the Roku 2 is set to launch any day now and, as you can see, its retail packaging clearly indicates Angry Birds are along for the ride. The Roku 2 will be released in three models, but only the higher end model (XS, $100) appears to bundle the new Bluetooth RF remote that might be required for gameplay. Unfortunately, our young product spokesperson rotates the box too quickly to determine which SKU she got her hands on. But all will be revealed… any day now.

Update: Well that was quick… the cilp has been yanked from YouTube. Fortunately, our friends at Engadget have preserved the video evidence.

(Thanks, scyber!)

5 thoughts on “Roku 2 Launching With Angry Birds”

  1. Dave, I can’t believe your tipsters are so young!!!

    I bet this is unintentional, but Roku should capitalize by making a series of promo videos starring the girl and pointing out how easy it is to use a Roku box.

  2. Does Roku really think Angry Birds is gonna make up for no DLNA support? Maybe each unit will come with an ounce of whatever their marketing folks are smoking these days LOL .

  3. Something is definitely on the horizon because if you search “roku 2” on google, one of the links is to the roku blog and the google link reads “Introducing Roku 2” and its dated 7/20/2011.


    If you currently click, its a dead link….

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