MyTVRemote IR Hardware Updated (Only $10)

Dave Zatz —  June 15, 2011

In the last year, a whole lot of iPhone-based universal remote controls have hit the scene. We’ve primarily focused on the higher end offerings, like Peel and RedEye shortly, as potential Harmony replacements or successors. Yet that may be overkill for certain situations or demographics. And I’ve just been turned onto MyTVRemote – whose intentions may not be as grandiose, but may still provide a compelling solution dependent on one’s needs.

While they’ve flown below my radar, RyzMedia has offered My TVRemote for some time…  and they’ve got news to share today. A more colorful and potentially more aesthetically pleasing IR blaster replaces the original. I’m told the range is a modest 14 feet, yet I envision using this as a second universal remote in the bedroom. What I like about this solution, over say an L5, is that the IR blaster sits atop the iPhone – meaning you don’t have to hold your phone upside down.

As you might expect, the corresponding MyTVRemote app can be configured to control your set-top box and television, in addition to pulling down a guide of your local lineup. However, after a few minutes of experimentation, I’d say TiVo owners should refrain from making a purchase at this point. The settings decision tree has you pick your cable provider and then you’re offered a list of related set-top boxes to choose from. However, not all cable providers have a TiVo entry (such as Verizon) and the ones that are present aren’t well labeled.

Other than that, it looks like MyRemoteTV could be a nice addition for controlling a secondary television. (We’re a geeky crowd here.) In fact, I’m looking forward to getting my hands on a unit for eval. (And to see if we can improve upon that TiVo situation.) Which brings up possibly the most astounding element of this solution. It runs just ten bucks. Install the free app, “unlock” the IR features for $9.99, and receive the hardware in the mail a few days later.

6 responses to MyTVRemote IR Hardware Updated (Only $10)

  1. My interest is piqued.

    I got an L5, and returned it. Nice software. Silly dongle. Too much for a pure toy. Needs a non-existent separate wireless hardware blaster to take advantage of the nice software.

    Perhaps the low cost shifts the equation, and makes pure toy-dom reasonable…

  2. Okay I bit. Downloaded app paid for update. Now I wait for delivery.

  3. Interesting delivery model. Certainly majesty simple to order…

  4. The stem on that device looks like it is going to be too thick to fit through iPhone cases.

    As soon as people realize that, it’s dead.

  5. Yeah, that’s a good point. In fact, a case-removal requirement was one of a few reasons I returned Apple’s HDMI dongle. If Glenn gets his before I get mine, he can let us know how it works out. (I’ve got the iPhone 4 Bumper, v2.)

  6. Chucky, I have the L5 dongle. Yes, the software it uses is actually quite nice. I am not sure what you mean when you say it “needs a non-existent separate wireless hardware blaster to take advantage of the nice software.” The app is free, and it’s customizability is impressive. I’ve been playing with it and am reasonably pleased. I’m happy to have it. Of course, I got it off Woot for $15.