TiVo Premiere 14.8 Software Update Begins

It’s been a long four months since the last TiVo Premiere software update. And, unfortunately, nothing in the forum chatter suggests version 14.8 features a completed HD UI or activates the second core. Somewhat surprisingly, the most apparent changes are HDUI elements that now appear within the standard definition interface – graphics, labels, and a free space indicator.┬áCuriouser and curiouser. I’m not exactly sure what this foreshadows… but I wonder if the TiVo HD and Series3 will see a similar modernization of the classic UI? Or has this work been done in preparation for the upcoming DirecTV TiVo that reportedly retains the original interface?

While all TiVo will tell me on the record this week is the Premiere 14.8 update addresses “stability and performance,” there’s often new underlying functionality they may not quite be ready to discuss. Indeed, within 14.8, Now Playing XML tags now include a a <StreamingOption>. And we know TiVo’s been beta testing Premiere-to-Premiere streaming – versus the existing mutliroom viewing file copy method, often locked down by the CCI Byte. Not to mention there’s also those TiVo Premiere extender rumors.

Lastly, Hulu Plus is long overdue, originally announced last fall and in testing since at least March. So, perhaps 14.8 lays the groundwork for Hulu video streaming… and at least one investor speculates it’ll launch prior to TiVo’s quarterly call next week given their well documented history of bundling press releases with earnings.

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  1. Thanks Glenn and brennokbob for the XML streaming tip!

    Not sure if this is the pre-rollout or the full-on rollout, but the number of deployed Premiere units is probably pretty small. So, either way, I imagine everyone will see this by the end of the month barring any newly discovered bugs.

  2. Wow, STILL no full HD UI? That’s pretty ridiculous.

    I have the original Series3 that is rock-solid and which I love. I always get tempted to upgrade but things like Premiere bugs and lack of the HD UI keep me with my trusted, hasn’t-failed-me-yet S3.

  3. Did they fix the SDUI 10 minute hang bug introduced in an earlier software update?

    I’ve still got a day to take advantage of the current TiVo Premiere upgrade offer if they did fix it…

  4. It is frustrating that TiVo refuses to release info about their updates. I can understand not telling us about background fixes for future use, but if we are going to see it tell us you changed it. Make a blog post on TiVo Blog about it even or just bury it somewhere on TiVo.com. This just seems one of the things TiVo doesn’t get and will never get.

  5. I sure hope the streaming comes soon to replace the multi room viewing…as it is a pain to to record the same stuff on multiple TiVo devices to get by the copy protection.

  6. Maybe now that the Echostar case is put to rest, Tivo will focus on software updates.

    Really, finishing up the HD-UI should be a top priority, along with enabling that second core on the cpu. It’s still half finished and clunky IMO.

  7. @Mark, I would prefer they add it rather than replace the current transfer option. Hopefully if the show is copy protected it will only offer streaming as an option and if it is marked copy freely you will have either option.

    @cypherstream my guess is this is what they are doing. They are probably trying to add functionality like streaming at the same time though rather than going back and having to change the UI layout again to add the options.

  8. After playing around on the Premiere for a short while today, it does seem much improved. The HD menus seem to be more responsive and let you start watching recorded shows faster.

  9. This implies that the HDUI will never ever be finished. Kinda sad. I love my Premiere now, but to see a product I bought a year ago still unfinished has made me pretty certain I won’t be buying another Tivo product again.

  10. I have started thinking there is an issue with the Flash base regarding the second core, or the finished product will be released when other products are released. We are a year out, Tivo needs to explain the issues. It’s good customer service.


  11. Ivan, the release candidate is almost always the same as what ships a few days or weeks later other than a letter in the version string. They usually go with the phased rollout to monitor incoming service calls and whatever else for issues they may have missed.

  12. I have the 14.8 update and have been messing around with it. There are some obvious changes in the UI like the color of the currently highlighted show in the guide and how it shows what is currently being recorded with fancy new icons.

    It seems snappy and hasn’t caused any problems yet. It’s hard to tell exactly what is different, but I think some of the underlying settings menus have changed a little (like the resolution output selection screen).

  13. Dave, not sure if you could even admit it if they had, has TiVo off the record even ever given you a timeline on updates or new feautures. I just didn’t know if they were any more revealing off the record and while under NDA.

    I can’t really see TiVo doing it, but I always wondered if they would tell you off the record they are aiming for Pandora to roll-out in August/September 2010 for example.

    I guess I am just thinking out loud and wondering if TiVo themselves have a timeline or a strategy even for these updates.

  14. Yeah, TiVo and I chat off the record and/or under NDA on a variety of topics throughout any given year, sometimes including timing. Like most manufacturers, they certainly have delivery targets but there are times when tasks take longer than anticipated or priorities shift, etc. Which is the reality and why many conversations happen confidentially.

  15. @Sam Lowry

    Something I learned years back: Don’t buy a product based on hopes that they company will do something to improve it later (like a add on module that’ll make everything great or software update that fix everything, etc.)

    I think the problem is that once they have your money the pressure is off them to finish things up. Eventually they just make a new product and then expect you to buy that instead.

    TiVo has done this with the half-done interface and the leaving the second core off.

    Escort Radar did this with the 9500i – there was a USB port on the side and when they released it there was all sorts of fanfare about what they’d do with it. They did nothing except release the 9500xi which was what folks were expecting with the 9500i in the first place.

    There have been others.

  16. @BradB
    I agree with a lot of what you are saying, but why do people give a crap about the 2nd core? It provides zero functionality even if utilized. Now if you think the box is too slow, that is another matter… Utilizing a 2nd core doesn’t, however, guarantee a faster box…

  17. The assumption is that a second core would somehow provide a speed boost with properly optimized, integrated software. Why else even mention the dual core processor? Then again, maybe the ROI or engineering assumptions aren’t favorable as with M-Card technology that never was implemented on the Series3.

  18. My guess is that they’re scrapping the HDUI altogether – it’s a disaster in every way possible. Hopefully we learn something new soon! I’d love to stay on TiVo, but i’m leaning more and more toward buying a HTPC.

  19. Even if they only did ONE thing with the second core, e.g. take over the work after you re-organized your season passes so you didn’t have to sit there for several minutes. That would be an accomplishment.

    Its actually reasonably tricky to write multi-CPU code. People who don’t know what they’re doing can really screw it up. Also, if Tivo is using a lot of non-MP safe code from other vendors they may never be able to turn on the 2nd CPU. Sad actually. One guy who knew what he was doing could turn this all around…

  20. one thing i noticed in this new update is that when i switch from sd to hd menu it does it faster without the animation i had before. so you dont have that tivo cartoon before it changes from sd to hd.I dont know if my eyes are deceiving me but the the text on the menus seem larger and easier to read!!,so far i’m liking this update ,at least it seems that tivo is finally headed in the right direction!!!!

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