TiVo Hulu Plus Launch Imminent?


If these marketing materials spotted at Best Buy today are any indication, it looks like the long wait for Hulu Plus on TiVo is nearing an end. Not to mention, www.hulu.com/plus/tivo and the referenced tivo.com/huluplusoffer links are live. Based on what little we can see of the screenshots, Hulu’s UI appears similar to what they offer on other platforms… like the Roku or PS3. More interestingly, and unlike the weak Xbox-Hulu launch promotion, new TiVo Premiere owners will be treated to a generous six free months of video streaming. As a Hulu Plus subscriber, at $8/month, I’m looking forward to accessing their content from something other than my dreadful Vizio connected TV. Won’t be long now?

(Nice catch, innocentfreak!)

16 thoughts on “TiVo Hulu Plus Launch Imminent?”

  1. I’d assume that Tivo is paying a little something, probably a couple bucks per activation. It’s also biz dev for hulu plus so there may be a revenue share for Tivo. If there is no revenue share then Tivo is probably getting it for free. Either way it is a plus.

  2. It is definitely looking like it will be next week from this. Stores like best buy are usually pretty good about getting signage up at the right time.

    Of course if they don’t flip the switch on 14.8 for mass roll out it won’t matter for most. Hopefully the audio effects bug won’t delay it.

    Previously the promotional video that has since been pulled only referenced one month so I am guessing 6 months for new and 1 month for current.

  3. I never saw the promotional video before it was pulled. But I did email Davis Freeberg and ask why the hell he didn’t grab a copy!

    I wonder how they’d distinguish new from existing… maybe run a query of TSN against (first) activation date?

  4. Ehh, considering xbox promo extended to silver members too and the price diff between xbox + xbl and tivo + service i think they’re in line.

  5. brennok, Davis is a blogger, so I hold him to a higher standard than a mere “civilian” ;)

    Adam, who even knows if the backend is active at this time? Try again whenever the servie launches. I know I will.

    Guess TiVo and Hulu aren’t quite ready for the big reveal… the webpage has been pulled.

  6. I can’t recall TiVo slipping up on the web side in quite some time. In fact, maybe not since 2006 when items/urls in their online store were static, hard coded and a colleague of mine came up with a script to help me find previously unknown inventory. Ah, the good ole days. (Of course Best Buy and/or their staff seem to reveal things all the time. No surprise on that front.)

    Adam, my suggestion to wait may be irrelevant. Two people on the TiVo Community have reported they were able to register for the free 6 months before the page was pulled. One mentioned receiving an email confirmation. If it weren’t Friday night, I’d contact her to possibly get a copy. But it’s time to unplug.

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