Netflix Enables iPhone, iPad Closed Captioning

Dave Zatz —  May 13, 2011


While it may be arriving late for many, Netflix has just expanded video streaming closed captioning onto iOS devices with their 1.3 app update. There are limited display options, but subtitles are certainly a boon. And something I could have used yesterday at the gym when I forgot my headphones. Unfortunately, caption preferences don’t appear to be retained device to device and not all content is captioned:

NOTE – not all content has subtitles. If subtitles are available, the caption icon will appear while the movie is playing. Pressing this icon will bring up a list of available languages for subtitles for that content. For a full list of all content that has subtitles, visit this link.

Next up: How about some closed captioning for mobile editions of Hulu Plus and HBOGo? The audience is (not) listening.

One response to Netflix Enables iPhone, iPad Closed Captioning

  1. Good for them. There are deaf people who rely on this functionality. Currently the Apple TV is one of the few good options they’ve got for OTT streaming. Glad to see another one being developed.