Sony Disables PlayStation Network After Security Breach

Sites and services go down all the time. Just ask Amazon. And all their customers. But they weren’t the only ones to suffer a massive outage this week, as Sony’s PlayStation Network (PSN) has been offline for several days now. After a long period of silence, Sony has finally provided some situational insight:

An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th.

Of course what they’re saying is that they’ve been hacked. And until Sony figures out what’s going on and how to stop it, they’ve pulled the network plug. So the forensics team has probably been doing their thing, maybe law enforcement too, as the engineers bolster PlayStation Network defenses.

Unfortunately, Sony hasn’t provided an ETA for PSN service restoration. And I know several of my work buddies with PS3s are suffering from Call of Duty, Black Ops withdrawal. But I’m not sure they appreciated my repeated mocking suggestions to join me on the superior Xbox Live.

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  1. it wasn’t me but im happy to wait because the new map pack escalation doesn’t come out for another month for ps3. Join me for a game of zombies add colonthego

  2. This sucs monkey psn or netflix for two days b.s.. at least my netflix worked in the beginning.they fix this s**t ASAP.

  3. daaaam wana play some black ops sooo bad :( just hit 13 prestige as well level 8 wanted to hit 14 i woud of reach that as if this psn dident go down ¬ ¬

  4. hmm well not sure xbox live is superior, i have both dont get me wrong but i read something befor sayin how xbox llive went offline for 2 weeks during christmas, so yer not so sure how much more superior xbox live is cause it has had outages too :P

  5. I have begun learning Kung Fu during this PSN outage (seriously) and I plan to use it on whomever the apsheholes are who did this to my PSN.

  6. Dave, looks you Sony isn’t the only one that got hacked! Apparently a group of rabid 14-year olds broke in and expressed their dissatisfaction with the PSN outage…

    A serious comment: damn I’ve got to use my TiVo for Netflix instead of my PS3. heh, but I normally do anyway, because my TiVo is always on (even though the PSN Netflix interface is so much better). My new TiVo iPad app evens the odds a little though, though support for the instant queue could be a lot better from that app than currently.

  7. i relly need to play cod man..i hate thouse hackers…..if i find them i gonna do wat ‘lucifer’ did and then repeat just to make them understand that they messed with the rond indian….their ded…loll still wanna play cod though…im only 6th prestige….please some1 help…

  8. TBH due to this outrage, it has force me to do my course early so it not all bad. But my gf on the other hand is trying to log on every hour for the last 2 days LOL but hopefully it will come bk on asap:)

  9. Dear my fellow COD people my name is the theroo2k10 i am 14th prestige in black ops and tenth prestige in mw2 i am quite anoid about not been able to go online at all and i really feel like BLOWING UP THE HACKERS.I think PLAYSTATION should band the hackers when there CAUGHT please SONY get the ONLINE WORKING AGAIN THANK U

  10. How long is the network going to be gone or turned off. If it is going to take a long time then I have to suffer and not by cod. I am forse to but a x box for no reason . This is why my friend tells me it’s better x box then ps3 because of the problem with the ps3.

  11. I’m not ready to blame hackers for this. I mean they don’t have an eta for when PSN will be up again? How do we know it was hackers and not an internal problem with PSN servers? Maybe when they’re back up, it will end up eliminating the free subscriber plan and make us all pay like xbox live.

  12. man all this money i have spent to play on console. 8(
    i haven’t played platform games since ps1 i was in love w/ pc till ps3 and now i cant play b ops or crisis2 and im jonzzzzzzin /tweekin from lack of multi player blues

  13. wtf ? if u scientific electronic computerized EINSTEINS cant stop a couple of teenage kids from hacking into a gaming system, then we are all in deep sht

  14. lol PSN is still better than SuckBox Live even during this outage.

    And for you XBox fruits talking ish, be careful how much fun you have. Karma is a bish. Who knows, RROD might rear it’s ugly head up for yet another wave.

  15. Wow why dont all you people stop complaining?
    Its just a video game/game consel you can live without it.
    Really? Death threats? Again its just a game.Calm the #@*/ down.
    Mr”Psn is my life” go get a real life yeaa?

  16. This just goes to show how much the world has declined in the last 10 years. It’s obvious that some of you have a serious addiction to online gaming. GET OVER IT!! go outside and do something else, get some exercise cos I’m sure alot of you probably need it and if you can’t do that then just pretend you’re back in the 90s when gaming was really fun and we didn’t have idiots on the internet crying cos they can’t play a game with idiots just like them

  17. ok………… firstly people get way to jumped up over COD MW2 and Black ops yes its an ok game but its still got its cheats and hackers on there i truely believe one hacker is as bad as another…….. be glad that sony did pull the plug imagine how many credit card and personal details are held in the psn network frightning like really frightning……. i am how ever a little annoyed at the lack of information coming from the sony camp surely 70 million users should allow the top bras at sony to release some more information reguarding status compensation and restoration i resently came over to ps3 from xbox because i couldnt handle the jumped up 8 9 and 10 year olds throwing rasist abuse about like its going out of fashion and as im a white guy that has so many friends of different races and nationalitys i think i would have gone mental if id been called a N*@@*$ one more time its bad enough being killed or beaten by a youngster lol and then to get abuse not for me thanks lol any ways back to the matter at hand psn please people at sony bring it back but use this time to make the changes youve been promising for ages like ……… party chat and secure servers and a whole better psn service.

  18. This blows elephant nuts.. I live for online gaming can’t even do that. I keep myself occupied and out of trouble because of cod now I’m about to go rape a donkey and slaughter a clown! This is complete bull idk what to do I’m going crazy but for sure they should Atleast give us an eta!?!?

  19. I was still able to use netfilx. All I had to do was click through the notifications that I couldn’t login.

  20. How long this is gonna be for i Don’t believe this is just a maintenance or a Hack this would be fix allready science day 1 what’s going on!!!… after here we gonna be charge for using PSN just like X-Box Live Watch

    No PSN and No Netflix this Suck but yea this have to be fix cuze i have to play some C.0.D

  21. All i hear is Black ops fans crying to play one of the worst FPS games. Battlefield bad company 2 is by far the best multiplayer game out.. i also have no problem kicking your ass on black ops or mw2.. R.I.P COD.

  22. Netflix does work. Just keep clicking the sign in button. Eventually it will load and it won’t care that you can’t sign in.

  23. thank god it happened when i was just after getting two story driven games. no need for online right now. and i don’t see what the whole problem is, it has forced cod players to play the campaign and they finally realise that game sucks. and i wouldn’t really call the xbox superior, mine has been turned off for 4 months now, no good games for it any more.


    Sony will get sued to hell if they know this data was breached and don’t provide immediate notification.

    Sony you should be embarassed, and I hope your stocks suffers Monday morning.

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