New Slingbox 120 Launches (In India)

Dave Zatz —  April 14, 2011

slingbox-120It’s been a loooong time since we’ve seen a new retail Slingbox. In fact, the Slingbox PRO-HD was introduced way back in January 2008. Well, it turns out a new dedicated placeshifter will be hitting store shelves shortly. In India. The low-end Slingbox 120 runs 7,999 Rupees (~$180), but only accepts and streams standard definition composite input. Making the 14,999 Rupee Slingbox PRO-HD a potentially better value.

Interestingly, we have seen this Slingbox once before here in the states… Engadget uncovered it as the freebie unit to be bundled with Verizon’s SlingPlayer service and client – but that’s yet to launch. And I have my doubts it ever will. Also, interestingly, Sling has had an office in India (Bangalore) since the beginning. However, this marks the first time units have actually been available for purchase there.

4 responses to New Slingbox 120 Launches (In India)

  1. Yeah, didn’t we see a picture of this at CES 2009? Yes, ’09?

    I thought it was going to be free with wireless or 99$, at least that is what the speculation was. Not sure.

    Odd picture of it, as I don’t think it could stand on its end with the cables connected. I wonder why SD only in a country that certainly DOES have HD/ higher scale PAL signals AND pretty good data networks at least in the major cities.

  2. The scenario sounds right, but it wasn’t seen until CES 2010. Unless I missed something. Although we had all sorts of interesting and some smaller Slingbox renderings and models even back in my time. Planters, Octopi, etc. :)

    True, it won’t stand as pictured when connected. I think it sits hanging over your TV, set-top box, or TV stand, with the wires out of the back.

  3. So they resurrected the Slingbox AV, basically – composite video input only. Probably encodes to H.264 though, unlike the AV.

  4. It also grates cheese. :)

    Actually didn’t I hear that this is the first Slingbox which can output to more then one device at a time?