It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s World. We just work here.

No, I didn’t take a job at Facebook. Neither did my wife – it’s her phone. Which means the recently updated Facebook iPhone app has at least one bug. Apparently, we’re not the only ones who frequently encounter “This build is only enabled for employees” alert. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the traditional app deletion and reinstallation troubleshooting routine clears the issue. In fact, it may be more than skin deep as one Facebook poster suggests this is related to a site account update that hasn’t fully propagated. Anyone else seen it?

10 thoughts on “It’s Mark Zuckerberg’s World. We just work here.”

  1. This actually passed Congress last week in a rider to a last minute stop-gap appropriation bill.

    All Americans now work for Facebook. And Apple now has a 30% share in every American newborn.

    I was surprised it didn’t get more press attention at the time.

  2. Damn, Congress must hate me since I don’t get this message. Oh, well, there goes my dream of cashing out my pre-IPO stock and founding a TOTALLY UNIQUE social photosharing service :P

  3. Haven’t seen this one. Have once again run into the problem where I can’t upload photos anymore. Uninstall/reinstall worked the last time I tried it. Kind of a pain in the ass, but its how we get photos of the baby out…

  4. Me too with the photo issues. Removed the app and reinstalled and got at least one pic uploaded. I use fb less now because I hate using the app.

  5. Yes after getting a replacement phone for another issue, I started getting the alert! Apple fixed it for about 12 hours, but then reoccured

  6. Yep, I have this problem too :( Ever since I did the latest update. It’s a pain in the backside! Hurry up and fix it Mark Zuckerberg!!! … or do we all have to find a way to fix it since we are now “employees” of FB!! lol

  7. You’re the only person who I’ve found that understands this issue. Yes, it seems to follow a change to ones privacy settings. Propagation would be the obvious candidate since a global server farm will almost never connect a client to the same node on consecutive sessions. They could create a smart update and reconnect policy that could account for that though, and provide a seemingly instant update for the user.

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