Nook Color Embraces Its Tablet Destiny

When the 7″ Nook Color ($250) was announced, I’d suggested it might be something more than just another e-Reader. But, while the developer community has had a field day, I didn’t anticipate Barnes & Noble would ultimately embrace its Android platform as a full fledged tablet device. Yet here we are.

B&N has partnered with HSN to seemingly pitch the Nook Color as a tablet first and foremost. In conjunction with an April update, they’re quick to point out that the Nook Color offers removable storage and Flash video playback… unlike their (iPad) competition. Although, given Amazon’s new Android Appstore, B&N may find themselves with some competition from a similarly equipped mid-range Kindle 4.

I took one for the team and recorded the HSN Nook Color segment. The embedded excerpt above covers the transformational April software update and below are screengrabs of Angry Birds and the drawing app. HSN customers will get the software first, but it’s destined for all NC devices. The highlights:

  • Android 2.2
  • Nook Apps
  • Push Email App
  • Drawing Pad App
  • Angry Birds
  • Adobe Flash

12 thoughts on “Nook Color Embraces Its Tablet Destiny”

  1. I am seriously considering waiting until the next round of Galaxy Tabs are out, which should push down prices of the old Tabs and in theory, these Nooks, as Amazon may be changing Kindle prices or releasing something that directly competes with the Nook Color.

    All that is to say if this was $159-$199, I’d buy it *right now*, root it and be happy for a year or two until I “needed” a dual core. Because let’s face it as some point I will “need” a dual-core Android tablet, right?

  2. Wow, I never watch HSN and I was flipping channels and saw nook color this morning. Weird way to advertise upcoming features, though. I wouldn’t expect nook owners to also be HSN shoppers.

  3. Good point, Steve. Guess that 2GB microSD memory card loaded with 100 public domain books is worth something? To someone. Further, the $504 retail price they list is obviously disingenuous.

    Jon, after reading Engadget’s coverage yesterday, I set the TiVo to grab the midnight, 5AM, and 9AM tech segments. So I planned ahead as HSN isn’t a channel I ever surf by. (And after watching these two, it’ll stay that way.)

    Even more bummed I missed out on the ebay deal… Not that I really need another computing device. But I am a gadget collector.

  4. “But I am a gadget collector.”

    I have an Audrey in the box w/all docs & so forth. Plus two Handsprings, one of them the color one, with all sorts of accessories. And an old StarTAC but no charger. And a serial 14.4 modem with the power supply.

    I just can’t let ’em go. :)

  5. I got a Nook Color off of Craigslist a couple of weeks ago for $175 (I probably could have negotiated lower, though) and have enjoyed it a lot as a rooted Android tablet. It’s far from perfect, but it’s pretty fun and the hacking community around these things is amazing (not surprising considering the community of Android hackers generally).

    Since I won’t buy an iPad, this is a pretty great way to explore the tablet concept with very little investment.

  6. Jim, But do you have an older acoustic coupler modem? I want to get a good looking one of those my new office shelving. Always wanted one (as an adult). And even though I collect gadgets, I almost just as quickly turn them around. My Palm V with dialup modem sled was a favorite, wish I still had it.

  7. Wow, that was kind of painful to watch. Android 2.2… “like nothing you’ve ever seen” eh?

    I also like the implication that if you’re reading a book your device will automatically download the update and reboot without warning. Something tells me you’ll actually get some sort of prompt. Or maybe the HSN folks really know what they’re talking about. Who knows?

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