Deal of the Day: iPad 1 @ $350

Dave Zatz —  March 3, 2011

Arguably the best tablet available for purchase today just received a 30% price cut. Assuming you’re OK with last generation iPad hardware and knowing it’ll be a refurbished unit. The iPad 2 looks pretty sweet… But if the extra processing power and cameras don’t do much for you or, like me, you’ve been on the tablet fence, this could be a real good time to get in. In fact, if I wasn’t already on the hook for an iPad 2 (as an anniversary gift), I’d probably jump at this offer.

If you’re opposed to refurb gear, the Apple Store also has new first gen iPads for $400. But at that point, you’re within striking distance of the easier to hold and more powerful $500 v2 tablet with magnetic kung-fu grip cover accessory.

(via Engadget)

5 responses to Deal of the Day: iPad 1 @ $350

  1. I’m definitely considering jumping on this deal. One of the things that is holding me back is uncertainty about whether 16GB will be sufficient in a couple years (I don’t upgrade gadgets as frequently as many of the folks who read this blog).

  2. wow! $350? I just mailed my friend who wants an ipad and probably doesn’t care which generation.

  3. I just bought 2 for my dental office (don’t need cameras, gyroscope, weight is only 12% lighter on wifi model, etc).

    Given that iPads have been going for about -$100 on eBay, I assume I’ll be able to unload these for ~$300 each sometime 6-12 months from now. That would make the total rental on the units around $5/mo.

  4. Yeah, it turns out I couldn’t pass it up either and just ordered one.

  5. I just ordered a refurb 16 wifi a couple days ago. After seeing the reviews for the Xoom, it’s just not ready for prime time. At $350, it’ll give me a chance to try out the form factor to see if I even like it (I’m struggling with the use cases that my netbook already fills).

    I’m also not a fan of Apples “walled garden” approach and seemly artificial limitations, but I can’t argue against the model. It’s working very well for them. I can always jail break if I hit a barrier I don’t like.

    My biggest worry at this point with the iPad is what are some companies going to do after June. Will the Kindle and Netflix apps still be available?