Xfinity iPad App Now Streams Video

Mere hours after announcing new studio partnerships for mobile content, Comcast went ahead and flipped the switch on their Xfinity iPad app — enabling tons of on-demand selections. So if you needed one more reason to question the longevity and business model of Hulu Plus, now you’ve got it.

Engadget says video, from the likes of HBO, Cartoon Network, and TBS, starts quickly and looks good on the iPad’s 10″ screen. And Light Reading has calculated over 700 episodes are currently available. Not bad. Not bad at all. Especially as the app is also designed to work beyond the home. Of course, I’m still awaiting live television simulcasts. Which Comcast says is coming later this year. Hopefully my provider, Verizon FiOS TV, is readying similar capabilities.

6 thoughts on “Xfinity iPad App Now Streams Video”

  1. Well, I posted this on the initial Engadget article as well, but will comment here as well — Why no iPhone support? I had the update available on my iPhone 4, but no streaming. They both are mostly same hardware, same resolution, etc.

  2. Good question. I’d like to think it’ll only be a matter of time. But maybe I’m overly optimistic and there’s some business angle I’m not seeing. Not that logic has played into these things…

  3. i second that, where is my fios version? i guarantee, and you can hold me to it, we’ll see the Verizon version launch in less than 2 weeks since comcast’s is now live.

    i hope the content is worth it though — for example, we watch idol and if something like that is not on demand, then this is not worth it to me. all content should be on demand.

    eventually — all content will be made available on the net. have you seen this study?

    It’s a very poor example of a study in my opinion — video on demand is à la carte hence the “on demand” in the working and these folks are left to believe it’s something more. when i DVR content it’s technically à la carte since I’ve chosen what I want to watch and when, which is the equivalent of on demand.

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