Verizon FiOS DVR iPhone App Updated

Verizon pushed out a significant FiOS TV DVR Manager iPhone app update this morning, bringing us up to version 1.5.

Most notable upon first launch is that the previous horrid graphics have been replaced with a polished UI that mirrors what’s found in their latest DVR update (IMG 1.9, slowly rolling out). Remote scheduling and DVR recording management are still present… but much more attractive. Also, in the interface category, the grid guide can now be viewed in landscape orientation.

In terms of new functionality, Verizon has ported my favorite iPad feature down to the iPhone (or iPod Touch) in allowing you to see what other folks in your region are watching — nice to have if you’re still a channel surfer, as I am. Lastly, the app now allows you to register multiple DVRs. And it looks like this is accomplished by replacing the kludgy challenge response PIN system with one’s My Verizon web credentials.

All in all, the updated FiOS DVR Manager app looks quite sharp and I welcome the improvements. But Verizon stills needs to integrate their virtual remote set-top control into it, rather than requiring a separate app as they do now.

Update: Verizon pinged me to let me know that they’ve launched some new quad play bundles, in relation to iMania, and are debuting a new television commercial tonight.

6 thoughts on “Verizon FiOS DVR iPhone App Updated”

  1. i’m stoked for this — although this is not the ipad version i was anticipating. nevertheless, looking forward to trying it when i get home!

  2. question – i’ve written a couple times to the ‘contact’ area on your site. are my e-mails getting lost in the ether by chance?

  3. Good question, Evan. We have a new contact widget in play and I’m not yet sure how it functions. In scanning my email, so I do your McTivia message from 2/7. I should probably do something with that info. :) Thank you!

    David, one of the new features is the ability to link multiple DVRs.

  4. clever commercial – i enjoy the remote app. i agree that it should be built into the dvr manager. one thing i don’t care for on the remote app is the fact that it must keep checking/syncing to my dvr. example: while multitasking, after a while the app will lose its connection to my dvr and i must wait, sometimes even 10 seconds for it to sync again, just so cain change the channel.

    about mctivia – i’ll have another demo video soon thats a bit more sophisticated with multiple computers, etc. the support on their product has been great so far. 3 software updates within 2 weeks. they’re really squishing a lot of bugs with this thing. if you’re interested in demoing it. i can let you borrow it. i live in leesburg, va, about 20 min from u. they’re all sold out at the moment.

  5. Evan, hit me anytime at Let me know when that next video is up, and we’ll run it. And instead of me borrowing the mctivia, maybe you borrow the Veebeam if I still have it around here and tell us which is best.

    Back to the commercial, I question Verizon’s PR person because it’s sort of presented as if there were a single iPhone app consisting of all these features… when it’s actually two. However, they did acknowledge they’re working to merge them. Makes sense. :)

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