TiVo iPhone Remote Control App Updated

While TiVo doesn’t currently offer an iPhone app, the very fine “DVR Remote” has us covered. Of course, the first thing you get is a virtual TiVo remote. Actually, a number of virtual remote skins are available via the now pre-loaded themes, with some ability to customize. Unfortunately, none look exactly like what you might find from an official TiVo app — as Stutsman has probably made a conscious effort to stay away from trademarked imagery and even the TiVo name. However, these are non issues that iPod Touch and iPhone owners can safely ignore.

The virtual remote is split into two sections, with function keys up top and the ability to swipe a numeric keypad in and out of view as needed for direct entry. Most important to TiVo Premiere owners is the updated QWERTY keyboard input, which has been a long time coming, and is the highlight of version 3.5. Additionally, as shown in the release notes above left, nearly all graphics are higher resolution to accomodate those us with Retina Displays.

In addition to replacing or augmenting one’s remote, DVR Remote also taps into other TiVo features. For example, link your TiVo Media Access Key (MAK), as documented within your online tivo.com account, to browse Now Playing recordings. For scheduling, the app can optionally load up TiVo’s mobile site… but I prefer using the TiVo itself or accessing the full fledged site from a computer.

DVR Remote isn’t nearly as comprehensive as the official TiVo iPad app. Yet iPhone or iPod Touch owners unwilling to pick up the TiVo Slide QWERTY remote, due to price or shape, really can’t go wrong with this $3 investment.

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7 thoughts on “TiVo iPhone Remote Control App Updated”

  1. There are other apps, some that provide virtual TiVo remote control for free in fact. But DVR Remote happens to be the best. The free i.TV guide app for example, offers a TiVo remote. But it’s very basic, with no QWERTY, and you have to dig to get to it. Additionally, while it allows scheduling, it also stores your credentials in the clear. A super low to no risk, to be sure, but they need to implement something like OAuth.

  2. I was contemplating the bluetooth remote for some time but never dove in because of the price. DVR Remote, with the built-in keyboard, made it completely unnecessary for me. It’s a nice little app and the Tivo responds well to the commands.

  3. I like the Peanut Remote app…it actually looks like the Tivo remote..and works well, when you turn it landscape it turns into a qwerty keyboard

  4. Hm, Peanut Remote looks like a new entrant, just released this month. Will have to check it out. Wonder if they’re tempting fate by putting “TiVo” in their app title. I like the idea of rotating the device to toggle the keyboard, but I can’t imagine that design bests Apple’s built-in iOS keyboard. Also, anyone know how it works/types on Premiere? But those ads in the apps look pretty bad – I’d rather pay the buck or two.

  5. Hmm, Peanut looks neat. Better than the free remotes I’ve used. Of course, my favorite remote isn’t my iPhone remote but the Python-based Tivo Remote that came from the Tivo Forums many years ago. Runs on any platform which supports Python.

  6. Is there any reason why TiVo hasn’t come out with their own iPhone app? They have a blackberry and iPad app but not one for iPhone – seems strange.

  7. No reason I can think of other than limited resources and prioritizing as they see fit. Having said that, I assume one is being developed as there must be some components they could easily reuse from their iPad app.

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