How Does Netflix Prioritize Video Inventory?

As we know, the video streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix (now Amazon, too) serve up is quite variable. Titles come, and titles go. Emphasizing the complex (and costly) licensing forces at play. Interestingly, Netflix may harness the power of their community as one factor in determining the content (physical and digital?) they go after. From Communications VP Steve Swasey:

If we have a certain number of Queue adds, we will buy the title.

On one hand, this seems to be a fairly strong indicator of interest. On the other, I’m surely not the only customer who completely bypasses titles that aren’t “in stock.” So consider this a Netflix PSA — load up your queue with the titles you want, not just the video on hand.

Postscript: As we contemplate a reduced role in the Googlesphere, Netflix’s Steve Swasey was the very first industry guy who talked to us on the record way back in 2005. Time flies when you’re having fun. (And good riddance to Sony’s UMD.)

2 thoughts on “How Does Netflix Prioritize Video Inventory?”

  1. VUDU does this as well, don’t know why they would move some titles in and out of available? Do they pay the studio a few per week/month or something?

  2. Heck I load up the titles before they even are out on DVD. If I wnat them, I want them I want them.

    PS -everybody put Yellow Submarine by the beatles in the queue :)

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