DirecTV iPad App Now Available

After a mere 5 day tease, DirecTV is out with their free Apple iPad app. DBSTalk has produced a multi-page overview, which you can peruse above, and also kindly provided the screengrabs below.

Given its size, I find the iPad cumbersome as a full-time┬áremote replacement. Yet, like TiVo’s iPad app, DirecTV has rounded out the experience with additional info and features that potentially make it a compelling couch-side companion. While there doesn’t appear to be as much in-depth content info as found within the TiVo iPad app, the DirecTV app is customizable and provides a dedicated sports section… with live scores. For maximum functionality, including the virtual remote control and access to remote scheduling, you’ll need a broadband-connected DirecTV Plus HD DVR (models HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24 and H21, H23, H24).

More details and pics can be found on DirecTV’s site and Engadget has posted the press release. Or just hit the App Store to check it out for yourself.

6 thoughts on “DirecTV iPad App Now Available”

  1. I’m digging DirecTV’s various display customization options and the app manages to look visually rich without the cramped feeling I get within TiVo’s app. Regardless, both are nice additions at no extra cost. (Verizon’s iPad app needs the visual refresh their iPhone app jut received.)

  2. It’s cool to be able to search and browse the guide, set recordings and jump to shows without having to interrupt the full screen experience on the TV.

    The UI on the apple devices are far nicer looking and faster than the UI’s on set top boxes anyway (DirecTV, Fios, XFinity, Tivo).

    It stinks you still cannot manage the TO DO list, check history or reorganize series priorities. Hopefully it’s on the road map, with an iPhone and android version as well. A DirecTV2PC port to the tablet or phone would be neat as well. That would be satisfying to watch your DVR recordings in the mean time before getting deals with streaming straight to the content owners.

  3. I really am a fan of the new App. I have always been frustrated with the slowness of the DirectTV remote when changing channels and getting guide information.

    Now I can finally just see everything on the iPad and switch channels and find stuff to record. It is a much better experience than the existing on screen display.

    Also, love the Sports Channel where you can see when your favorite teams are playing and the score. This will be very useful during college footbal season. I did notice that last night the Sports Channel went down. I think it was from the load on the server of people using the app.

    For my home theater I can now replace my Logitech Harmony remote for watching TV. One feature I would love to have is the ability to change teh volume on the TV. I know that is impossible but would be an awesome feature.

  4. How do you connect the DirecTV receiver up to your wireless network? Does the receiver itself have WiFi? Help! I want to use this awesome app

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