Who’s Got a Smart TV? I Do! I Do!

The big TV manufacturers are all pushing 3D very hard, consumer sentiment be damned. But they’re also all getting on board with their own smart TV offerings, including services with app stores, and content that can be place-shifted to different devices. Yesterday Samsung and Panasonic both showed off their own TV app markets: Media Hub for Samsung, and Viera Connect for Panasonic. Samsung is touting TV episodes that can be accessed from mobile Galaxy devices, as well as an app ecosystem that it’s currently building out with developers. Panasonic showcased apps for Hulu Plus, MLB, BodyMedia, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Withings, and Ustream during its event.

As the TV manufacturers jump into the app space, how will it change the landscape for both pay-TV operators and over-the-top box companies? (Not to mention the likes of Yahoo…) It will be interesting to watch.

2 thoughts on “Who’s Got a Smart TV? I Do! I Do!”

  1. With all of these different TV app stores, will the market be too fragmented? It won’t be attractive for folks to develop for a market if it’s too small. The different app stores will probably be built on different development platforms which will prevent everyone except the big players (e.g. NetFlix, pandora) from being able to reach the entire market.

    On the other hand, consumer electronics manufacturers probably don’t want a unified app store or architecture since it will commoditize their offerings.

    From the consumer point of view, it could lead to us being locked into a particular manufacturer. If I buy an app from the Samsung app store for my TV and then buy a Panasonic plasma a few years later, do I have to repurchase the app?

    I’m happy with the seperate box since I can move it do any display device. I know most folks would rather have the integrated experience in one box if given the choice

    Lots to think about….

  2. I think in the beginning everyone will have their own App Store, then slowly they will start to die off, and leave only one or two left standing.
    Most likely the Android TV Market and maybe SAmsung, since they have a lead with momentum.

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