CBS is Getting Around, Boxee and Samsung

If you’ve been missing CBS shows on your various connected devices, cheer up. “America’s Most Watched Network” is now coming to more gadgets courtesy of new licensing deals with Boxee and Samsung. The Samsung deal was announced yesterday at the company’s packed press conference and will bring CBS shows like CSI, NCIS, The Good Wife, and Survivor to Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Tab devices. (A new Wi-Fi-only Galaxy Tab was also announced yesterday, but that’s a different story.) Samsung announced the Media Hub service late last year for its Galaxy devices. It’s currently available with T-Mobile and Sprint, and “coming soon” to AT&T and Verizon.

Meanwhile, Boxee’s news came out this morning, with GigaOM reporting that Boxee users will soon be able to purchase both current and older CBS TV episodes on demand. GigaOM points out that this makes Boxee soon to be the only startup able to nail down agreements with all four major broadcasters. Interestingly, the shows cited by Boxee as CBS examples were Hawaii Five-O and MacGyver. Does this mean Boxee will have different content from Samsung? Probably not, but it’s interesting to speculate how the broadcasters could be doling out their content rights.