TiVo Set To Launch iPad App This Month

TiVo’s Twitter account has just announced (twice, actually) that their supercharged Premiere iPad app will launch before the end of the month (and hinting at “other platforms” to follow in response to an Android query). The free app appears to be a fairly sophisticated extension of one’s TiVo in providing a variety of search, scheduling, and remote control capabilities.¬†Probably related, it was also revealed that¬†software version 14.7 is expected to hit all TiVo Premiere hardware by the end of the next week and includes expanded searching into episode titles and descriptions.

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  1. Jason Nealis Sr. Director of Video Operations at RCN has stated that the TiVo iPad remote will not initially work, but they hope to push an update from TiVo when it is ready. The TiVo Premiere MSO software version should get this update eventually. I would imagine that Suddenlink’s implementation would follow shortly behind RCN’s.

  2. On another note, if DirecTivo ever comes to fruition, I bet the iPad app will not work. The DirecTivo looks more like an S3, and supposedly will have no TiVo premiere like features or interface options, effectively cannibalizing it right out of the gate and driving the product into the ground.

    Hope they prove everyone wrong.

  3. I am really hoping this ends up being something that can be accessed publicly allowing people to develop their own versions or add functionality to programs like KMTTG and PyTiVo. This way I won’t feel the need to buy an iPad.

    It will also be interesting to see how well episode searching works. I know I find stuff that is missing for Netflix and Tribune seems to have less and less accurate episode info these days. Just look at some of their episode guides on zap2it.

  4. TiVo HD owners left out again? Part of the reason we’re willing to pay $12.95/month for TiVo is because (in the past) the platform was always being improved — every few months, some new feature or UI tweak or whatever showed up — regular software updates.

    Now on the TiVo HD, this has all dried up. There have been no significant updates in ages — since maybe Netflix was added? The TiVo HD platform has stagnated, leaving me to wonder what I am paying that $12.95/month for. If I was paying a monthly fee for service updates for my computer, say, and never got any updates in two years, I would start to wonder.

    Although I recognize the product I own more or less works as advertised, and that the $12.95 partly covers guide info, I am feeling left out in the cold, and a little like I am being extorted into buying a TiVo Premiere.

  5. will this update stabilize the new menu’s? fix my tuner adapter hiccups, how about correct signal issues that a tivo hd split at the same point doesn’t seem to have

    doubt it….

    been heading downhill for awhile now.

  6. This is what TiVo’s been working on for the 9 months since the Premiere was released, an iPad app??

    They should have been spending their time finishing the HD UI, improving performance, enabling the second core, etc.

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