Fun Christmas Stats

We generally try to stay out of the press release regurgitation business, but Amazon’s delivered a series of fun holiday sales stats worth sharing. Here’s a sampling:

  • Kindle (Wi-Fi) and Kindle 3G were the best-selling products on this holiday season
  • On Christmas Day, people purchased more Kindle books than on any other day in history
  • Top Movie Sales: “Inception”; “The Blind Side”; and “Toy Story 3”
  • Top Health & Personal Care Gadgets: Philips Norelco Men’s Shaving System; Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer; and Philips Sonicare Essence Power Toothbrush
  • The last Local Express Delivery order that was delivered in time for Christmas was placed by a Prime member and went to Woodinville, Wash. It was an Apple Mac Mini that was ordered at 1:41 p.m. on Christmas Eve and delivered at 8:04 p.m. that evening
  • “Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue,” “Toy Story” DVDs, “Chicken Soup for the Dog Lover’s Soul,” NHL 11, Halo Reach and Call of Duty: Black Ops and was delivered to the hamlet of Grise Fiord, north of the Arctic Circle in Canada

Anecdotally, based on site traffic, it seems a large number of folks received Rokus, Kindles, and Nooks. How about you, get or give anything notable?

12 thoughts on “Fun Christmas Stats”

  1. – samsung bd-c6500 (blu-ray with netflix)
    – panasonic er224s beard trimmer
    – spawn hd-720
    – slingbox pro hd
    – motorola s305 bluetooth headset
    – but my greatest gift of all this year was my son (9 months) born in march.

  2. evan,

    I’m glad you are happy with your gifts, but if it is true that Amazon is selling babies, they’re eventually going to get into a lot of trouble with the government.

  3. Wow, you might be the first person I know who’s bought a Spawn video game placeshifter. Let us know what platform you’re using it with and how it works out.

  4. @dave – i plan on hooking the spawn hd-720 this week for the new years weekend. i’ll create a video of my experience on my youtube channel ( playing cod black ops. i will eventually use it for my mac (using boot camp), but i will need to get a cheap copy of windows 7 first (ideas where I can get a home/basic copy?), but i’ll test the experience first on my work windows xp laptop (dell d830). i have an xbox 360 with 30mb up and down (fios), so i should be good locally at least and then i’ll make a video playing it remotely somewhere.

  5. “i will need to get a cheap copy of windows 7”

    Oddly expensive, to the best of my knowledge. Home Premium (non-upgrade) is $180 on Amazon. Non-OEM copies must be a rounding error to MS, so they don’t seem to care about selling at an attractive price point.

  6. Prior to release, I pre-ordered an upgrade copy for $50 from Amazon. But, as Chucky implies, current official pricing is unfavorable. Find someone who subscribes to Technet?

  7. “But, as Chucky implies, current official pricing is unfavorable”

    It’s strange that MSFT doesn’t have an attractive price point available.

    I’ve been lucky enough to never have to run Redmond OS’s on anything but a very occasional basis. But in recent times, I’ve become concerned about the future of Cupertino’s OS, with worries that they want to move OS X to the ‘lockdown’ model of iOS.

    So I’d kinda like to install Windows 7 on most of my Apple boxes, mainly to play with and familiarize myself with in case I need to make the switch in the future. But MSFT makes the pricing for someone like me prohibitive. They should be courting me as a potential convert instead.

  8. “I understand OEM is meant to be sold with equipment, which means it’s meant to be supported by a manufacturer.”

    Huh. That is a better deal than I was aware existed. $99 begins approaching a reasonable price point.

    I wonder if there are any practical ramifications in using it against the terms for your own personal use.

  9. Yeah, that should work. In the old days when “Media Center” required a special version of Windows, many of us would buy the OEM version from NewEgg instead of purchasing official Media Center computers to replace our custom tricked out HTPCs.

  10. ColorNook for my wife. Barnes & Noble server was too busy mid-afternoon Christmas to create an account. She is NOT a technical person by any means. She liked the basic buy and read-a-book features, as well as checking email and simple net surfing. She has no interest in watching videos, playing games, or “apps”. So this seems to be a better solution for the price point than a full-blown ipad sort of solution.

    Teal-colored Canon Powershot for my 9-year-old girl. Her first “real” camera. “Teal” was the primary feature. I was disappointed though that it came with NO memory at all. Fortunately, I had some memory cards extra.

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