DotD: Buy a PS3, Get a $100 Credit

Today’s deal of the day nets you a Sony PS3 for $100 off. But it’s probably only a reasonable option if you’re a regular Amazon customer and don’t mind floating them that Benjamin. As it just so happens, I am and I don’t. So I just placed an order for one of my boxes of the year. The unit runs for nearly $300 and here are details on the $100 credit:

Order the PlayStation 3 160 GB and receive a $100 promotional credit toward the purchase of items shipped and sold by (certain exclusions apply, including Kindle books, MP3s, and video rentals and downloads). The promotional credit will be added directly to your account within two days after your order ships.

Not only is the PS3 a highly competent gaming platform, minus funky controller ergonomics and missing bundled headset, but it’s also quite capable as a home entertainment set-top — featuring Blu-ray playback, Netflix streaming, Vudu HD VOD, and Hulu Plus. All without requiring a humongo power brick or annual subscription (compared to my Xbox 360). Once the $100 credit hits, I’ll pick up the official Bluetooth remote control (~$20).

If you too are prone to impulse purchases, when the deal is favorable, click on thru to Amazon. ZNF thanks you.

14 thoughts on “DotD: Buy a PS3, Get a $100 Credit”

  1. Unfortunately (?), this isn’t my first PS3 purchase. I’d save even more money by not buying, selling, and re-buying stuff. Hopefully I remember that next week and don’t unload the 360.

  2. Is your current PS3 broken? If not why are you buying a new one?

    I never understand why some people “upgrade” their working consoles to the latest model when the old one is more or less the same. I have an original 80 GB PS3 (with software PS2 compatibility) with an upgraded 500 GB hard drive. It works just as well as the newer models, albeit using more power to do so.

  3. Nah, I sold my original awhile back. I flip gadgets pretty regularly, but there are some I should obviously keep… since I end up repurchasing them.

  4. Very tempting especially since I don’t have a Blu-Ray player. The thing holding me back is the fact I don’t really rewatch movies anymore and all of my movies these days come from Netflix. I don’t know if I really want to pay Netflix extra for Blu-Ray though.

  5. I am giving this some serious thought. While I definitely don’t ‘need’ a third PS3, the streaming quality of Hulu Plus, Netflix, Vudu on the PS3 is unmatched. And of course, the PS3 is still among the best blu-ray players. I could see myself replacing a Samsung BD-C6500 with a new console. An argument could be made that the PS3 is already the premier media hub. Imagine if they followed Roku’s lead and worked on adding more natively supported channels/apps like Pandora – I know you can use the browser but that sucks – this device would be a complete slam dunk.

  6. Looks like the deal is now dead. I don’t see the special on the page anywhere. They probably got overwhelmed (or an internal quota).

  7. Yah, probably a quota. As Ron mentioned, it seems Walmart and Best Buy are running similar promotions – the Walmart page says while supplies last. Wonder is this is to tweak sales numbers for this quarter, signifies a price cut and/or new model. Hm. Amazon shipped mine yesterday, should have it Monday.

  8. So it was just for 160GB unit and not 320GB Move bundle? Too bad, I’d think at this point Move bundle would make most sense.

    Glad to see you back in PS3+360 camp, Dave! Now that you have a PS3, you have to play Uncharted 2 (assume you played 1st part)!

  9. Eh, I have no use for Move or Kinect. I play video games so I can sit on my rump and not move or connect. :) I bought Uncharted 2 used this weekend at Gamestop when I sold back my Xbox, accessories, and Black Ops. I figure I’ll get the quieter, more reliable new Xbox “Slim” at some point.

    (Yes, I played the first Uncharted – story and gameplay were loads of fun, other than a few too many similar shootouts with the bad guys.)

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