The Smallest Slingbox Ever, Now Shipping ($99)

First revealed as the Slingbox 700u at CES back in January, the smallest, sleekest Echostar placeshifter is now available to DISH Network customers for a low $99. And it’s the tight integration with DISH DVR hardware that allows the “Sling Adapter” to shed so much bulk… and cable clutter. Whereas an agnostic Slingbox requires video and network connectivity, along with an IR blaster and power adapter, the Sling Adapter requires a single USB cable to facilitate the broadcast of your television content around the home and beyond. However, Sling Adapter access is currently limited to web browsers on Windows or Mac OS X. Versus all the various options (web, OS X or Windows software, mobile clients) available to Slingbox customers. Lastly, the Sling Adapter only brings placeshifting capabilities to ViP 722 and 722k DISH hardware. Which might be OK as literally millions of these units have been deployed and this model DVR is standard for new customers (at no charge).

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  1. OK… I’m a little bit confused. Just got a follow-up press release from my contact at DISH that indicates some mobile support is available NOW. I’m seeking clarification…

  2. I wish they would still make slingcatcher, i love mine and would like to get another, but I’m not paying crazy ebay prices

  3. Yeah, I’m pretty surprised at the ebay prices. I sold one for 500$ shipped, auction ended in about 10 minutes after posting. I had NO idea there as that much demand. I still have a few of them, reluctant to sell since there is no other option.

    Although, wouldn’t it be AWESOME if there was slingcatcher functionality built into ps3, or xbox, like we have with netflix, vudu, etc. How hard could it be?

  4. Here’s the current and correct information on mobile clients straight from the horse’s mouth…

    We also support iPhone, Android and Blackberry with “Dish Remote Access” applications. These are built on SlingPlayer Mobile technology, but have been optimized to work with DISH. So the Guide, DVR, etc. are rendered natively on the mobile application. It also works with the same DISH Network login ID. It can schedule and manage your DVR and also works as a remote control. All of these apps are free (unlike the SlingPlayer Mobile apps that cost $29.99 each) and can be downloaded to your mobile device today.

    Regarding next generation SlingCatcher products, the DISH-centric Sling Monitor and Sling Receiver announced at CES were supposed to fill that need. No word on availability, though. I sure hope they rethink that DISH/partner-only plan and make these available via retail to Slingbox owners served by any provider.

  5. I smell a new consumer sling box coming up soon with wireless. iPad is a new opportunity for them, and it would not make sense to stick just with dish customers. The drop in price of the solo may be an indication of that. Hope I am right. Is sling media coming back to live?

  6. Yes, DISH just continues to lose marketshare, and doesn’t keep up with the D* offerings, channels in HD and dare I say, CABLE.

  7. DISH Remote Access for the Android became available a little over an hour ago. It has built in Slingplayer Software so you can watch your DISH Network connected devices, and best part is it is FREE.

    On the iPhone side DISH Remote Access is already available and works great the the DISH Sling Adapter.

    It should be noted that the iPhone Slingplayer App does not work with the $30 Slingplayer software, it crashes when you try to stream it. There is supposed to be a new version released when iOS 4.2 comes out.

    In addition you can not play the Sling Adapter using the DISH Remote Access app for the iPhone on your iPad. You get a message that the OS is not supported by the software.

    Again the iPad version will be released after iOS 4.2 is released.

  8. Here’s the PR:

    Maybe I should’ve sold my SlingCatcher on eBay – I never used it, ended up giving it to a friend to use along with a spare PRO-HD and SlingLink I had laying around so he can do multi-room video in his home easily. (Cleaning house a bit since my fiancee moved in – I already had too much stuff stacked up before her stuff was added. ;-) )

    The SlingCatcher was out-dated before it shipped. I still maintain that Sling should’ve, and still should, put SlingPlayer on other devices – like Roku, Boxee, etc – as it’d spur sales of Slingboxes.

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