The Case of the Expanding iPhone 4 Battery


One of my twitter buddies experienced an unnatural iPhone 4 Violet Beauregarde expansion today. In her own words:

This morning, one of my users brought their iPhone 4 into me. She’s had it 32 days. “The case doesn’t fit right anymore!” she exclaimed. “The back is falling off!” And indeed it was. The battery had swelled up enough to push the back off for good. It was very odd.

I can’t quite decide if this is more or less dramatic than my former 15″ Macbook Pro’s power adapter connector catching fire… on my wooden coffee table. If I ever missed a blogable moment, that was it. So, yeah, maybe this is less exciting. But the resolution was equally mundane in both cases – a quick trip to the Apple Store is all it took for a replacement.

5 thoughts on “The Case of the Expanding iPhone 4 Battery”

  1. Wait a minute, you mean I am not the only person who experienced this incident. My iPhone battery expanded too. I brought it to Mac Center and they politely exchange it with a new one.

  2. The tabs on the back plate are still perfectly intact. The battery didn’t pop the back off that for sure. Some one trying to get a free iphone?

  3. Back of IPhone has popped off. Due to battery expanding apple has said they would replace battery and back panel. Job done. I expressed I do not want new phone as laptop is in for repairs so I cannot backup the phone. Use genius bar for appointment.

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