Major TomTom iPhone App Update Released

TomTom has released a fairly major update to their iPhone GPS app, with the headliners being higher resolution imagery for iPhone 4 owners and updated maps for all. And, in the novelty category, TomTom has introduced a navigate-to-photo feature. Not sure we’ll ever need or use that, but we are glad to see smoother, more responsive pinch-to-zoom control… although I’m still disappointed we still can’t simply drag the map view while enroute.

My wife swears by and uses the Tom Tom app ($50) as her sole navigation software solution, whereas I continually flip through products. (We’re a two-iPhone household – double the dropped calls.) My preferred GPS has been Telenav (aka AT&T navigator). But given the new reality of numerous nav apps, many free, their subscription pricing ($10/mo or $70/yr) is out of line with the competition and I’m playing the field. I enjoyed Waze (free) for a bit until I realized how poor the navigation could be – which led to a couple of stressful situations. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with MapQuest (free) – I haven’t driven enough miles to comment on the maps/nav yet, but the visuals and UI (below, left) are quite nice. As is the price.

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7 thoughts on “Major TomTom iPhone App Update Released”

  1. Yep, I’ve got them too. I’ve never been fond of the their look & feel, although it’s certainly much better now than the early days. Even though it crushes the network and battery life, the one thing I have appreciated is the satellite maps/view option.

  2. I swear by Navigon Moble navigator. I’ve used quite a few, and even had a stand along Garmon nuvi 350 for years. This Navigon app is top of the line.

  3. I was kicking myself the other day when I realized that Navigon app half off sale a few months back wasn’t permanent. I didn’t take action, so need to keep an eye out for the next one. FYI I used to have a low-end Navigon dedicated PND once upon a time – loved the visuals.

  4. CoPilot USA – save your money, it’s aggravatingly bad.

    My nuvi 660 “just stopped receiving satellites” on a trip to the Bay Area a couple months back. I tried a few apps and got mixed-to-poor results. Finally replaced it with a Garmin 1350t ($100 off ebay), but it’s not the same. I loved the old nuvi.

  5. I’ve got Navigon on my 3GS, and have tried a couple of others. I still prefer to keep my phone available for other tasks when driving, and use a dedicated Garmin Nuvi for Navigation.

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