Google TV Launches Approach (with Netflix)

As we approach the launch of Google TV hardware, the GOOG has been dropping additional set-top box details. And they’re running full steam ahead with the “app ecosystem” pitch. As opposed to the new AppleTV‘s (currently?) neutered approach. In fact, Google concludes their video above with: “More coming soon from Android Market…”

Google’s initial partners include a variety of broadcasters that apparently have leveraged their web video into custom Google TV portals, plus several services familiar to many existing connected boxes – Pandora, Amazon VOD, and Netflix. Twitter’s also in the lineup, although I still don’t have much use for it on a television.

It remains to be seen if Google truly brings something new to the Internet-connected, 10′ lean-back table. In my mind, the early key differentiator is that Google allows partners to run wild with the platform. As with Android phones, manufacturers will customize both the hardware and software experience. For example, Logitech appears to have integrated Harmony-esque universal remote functionality, potentially tying all of our boxes together (yes!), and may bringĀ video conferencing capabilities.

I don’t believe I’m breaking any confidential agreements in telling you I expect a Google TV review unit by the end of the month… so stay tuned.

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6 thoughts on “Google TV Launches Approach (with Netflix)”

  1. So if the Revue has an HDMI in, can it record from that source? Say I have a standard Comcast STB which allows me to get my local channels and also the extended (USA, ESPN, ect). Can I hook up a hard drive to the Revue unit and record to that external disk bascially turning it into a DVR? That would be my hope, but I don’t think that will work.

  2. Well… “HDMI” licensing precludes recording. It’s technically possible and we’ve seen a few companies roll the dice, but I doubt Logitech will. They could record over component with no probs, but I’m not sure they’re going down that path. So far, it sounds like the best bet for a DVR-integrated Google TV experience might be something being developed by DISH. And, of course, there could be other solutions that we don’t know of yet.

  3. What about a Dish DTVpal? That would give you a way to access a live TV feed, DVR capability, and have the GoogleTV interface to spruce it up! :-)

  4. I don’t think record is current in the picture, pass through most likely only on the HDMI. I think it would take a lot more than this box most likely can provide, to CAPTURE that stream and store it. Also, storage is most likely a no coming out of the gates

  5. I’m curious what will happen, but keeping my expectations extremely low. If Logitech box could, at least, record OTA, I’d be all for it, but right now it’s not very compelling even for a gadget guy like me who preordered Boxee Box the day it became available :)

    Speaking of questionable purchases, I got so pissed off with Uverse (1 HD/3 SD in my house), that I jumped on this deal yesterday ( and got TiVo Premiere XL for $287 shipped. Will use it to record OTA and Uverse to record cable/premium. Probably, works out better for me than $0 down + $19/mo deal on regular Premiere since I’ll just transfer $7/mo service from my existing SD unit.

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