New DirecTV TiVo Delayed Into 2011

It’s official… The new DirecTV TiVo, announced in 2008, won’t be available until 2011. Which probably isn’t so surprising as CEO Tom Rogers left the door open for another delay at TiVo’s last quarterly call and the recently revealed beta testing is scheduled to run through January. And now PC Mag has the official word from SVP Joe Miller, who confirms the Technicolor-built DirecTV TiVo unit will ship “early next year.” Additionally:

Some of it’s timing, some of it’s development, their platform architecture continues to change and develop, and we’re trying to stream into that, and it’s been that as much as anything. Anytime it’s a new development on a fluid platform, it’s going to take time.

I did feel TiVo’s original 2009 target was aggressive and perhaps unrealistic, given their track record with Comcast and Cox integration and deployment. However, I was hopeful of seeing a a new DirecTiVo in 2010. Good for consumers, good for TiVo, Inc. But I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.

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15 thoughts on “New DirecTV TiVo Delayed Into 2011”

  1. What a joke. All this time and it will be released with the old software (non HD). It will feel dated before it is released.

  2. Maybe they will be making a 16×9 version of the classic UI. The hardware they are using may not have the dedicated flash chip so it might not even be able to run the new HD UI at an acceptable speed. Or if it does it could be like with RCN, and they will update the UI once it is 100% complete instead of how they launched the Premiere.

  3. You know, I love using my TiVo’s but let’s face it, they suck. The Premiere box is a complete joke and the money we all spend to use there service, kinda unacceptable if you ask me.

  4. I don’t love my HR24 like I loved all my old Tivo’s, but let’s face facts – the HR24 exists! Sometimes just making the starting grid is all it takes (sorry USF1).

  5. Lol.. Maybe DirecTV is holding out for a completed HD interface before releasing the TiVo… Just lke the est of us… here is hoping that DirecTV would have enough leverage for this to get done….

  6. Looking for tiro and direct tv to make news, comcast dvr ui sucks, TiVo is the kind, but why no deals with comcast or verizon?

  7. I guess I am confused and frustrated why this is taking so long. my Directivo SD works great and there used to be a HD version, the only real things different is the mpeg-4 HD hardware, right? Since Tivo and Directv have worked in the past together why is this box taking so long to come out? do we have any idea if it will support the Directv whole house DVR, and on demand options?

  8. as someone who ‘upgraded’ to dish’s ViP 922 and is feeling the pain, i say be thankful TiVo aren’t launching a device before it’s ready. i don’t see the 922 being anything like acceptable until long into 2011. right now, it’s being beta tested by mugs like me.

  9. Another sign of how f*cked up Tivo’s inhouse development has gotten. How long will I have to wait before the Premiere is an acceptable upgrade to my Tivo HD? Two years? Three?

    Good choice doing that whole Flash redesign guys–it can’t run on many of the boxes you want to deploy, its slower than dog shit, and its taking you just as long to develop software as ever, and you’re starting out further behind.

    Sad, just sad.

  10. DirecTv – just BUY TiVo and get it over with, and you’ll corner the DVR market. Then, just leave TiVo ALONE as a stand-alone entity and do not futz with it; kind of what Amazon did when they bought Zappos. At least this way you’ll contain your costs, and if Dish or the other DVR makers continue to have patent issues with TiVo, guess who reaps the rewards?

  11. My beloved HR10-250 died recently. Replaced with shiny new HR-24. It is not a delight to interact with like Tivo, but like Big John said, it exists, it works, and it is supported by the company.

    I will be first in line if this ever comes out but I can live with what I’ve got.

  12. Pete: You’ll need to cut in front of me ;-) Sorry to hear your HR10-250 gave up the ghost. See if can fix it. I’ve been resisting the Dark Side for a long time. I just hope that we’ll see a DirecTiVo unit in Q1FY11 – January would be good.

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