More iSpot! Speeds & MAC Spoofing

Dave Zatz —  August 5, 2010


More fun today with Clear’s 4G iSpot… If you missed the unboxing and need some background, start here.

Otherwise, let’s talk speed. Based on cursory testing while driving through weak to good coverage areas, as indicated by the iSpot’s glowing indicator, my iPhone download throughput ranged from the high hundreds to the mid 2000kbps (below left). At home, supposedly with poor WiMax coverage, downloads to my Macbook were reported in the high 2000s. Not too shabby at all, although I obviously haven’t yet come close to Clear’s theoretical 6Mb peak. Regardless, I’m generally seeing much better rates than I got from my 3G Sprint MiFi. And I should also see about double the battery life (4hrs+) if iSpot marketing materials are accurate. Granted, Clear’s 4G footprint is nothing like the fully built 3G networks. But for $25/mo, I’ll take it.


Speaking of that Macbook, I have indeed gotten my laptop online via MAC spoofing. As marketed, the iSpot is purely for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch connectivity. And why Clear is offering a very reasonable $25/mo data plan, versus their typical $40/mo mobile fees. However, their iDevice policy is merely enforced by device MAC address. By virtually changing your network adapter’s physical address to look like something running iOS, you can easily fool the iSpot into allowing you online. Of course, this could violate your terms of service and Clear could introduce additional checks and/or examine your traffic for compliance.

I discussed this earlier today with my buddy Dan, who’s documented how to efficiently spoof a MAC address on both OS X and Windows platforms. Here’s all you have to do on a Mac to fool the iSpot…

1) Launch Terminal
2) Disconnect from your current wireless network by pasting this (without the line break):
sudo /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/
Versions/Current/Resources/airport -z

3) Give your laptop an iOS MAC address by pasting:
sudo ifconfig en1 ether 00:1D:4F:13:E1:D9
4) Connect your laptop to the iSpot WiFi access point
* Rebooting your laptop will restore your actual MAC

Check it out:

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  1. Dave and any others within this Forum working on this, I wanted to say a Big Thank You for how fast you got this information out to us, as well as verified it completely. Alot of people were on edge as to will it work or not and you just went right to it and “Got ‘er done!”. As always, top notch release of information in a timely fashion!!! Thats why you are one of my top 5 first to go to sites daily.

  2. You’re going to jail, pal! ;-) Good to see it works with spoofing.

  3. Looks great. I live in the Philly area where I should be able to get this, but my street has “bad” service they won’t sell me one… Thanks for the tip on the MAC addresses, if I ever manage to get one!

  4. I’d stick to http, smtp and imap traffic. If you start using FTP, VNC or other protocols, they may figure out that you’re not using the device according to the use policy.

  5. @ Rich
    Rich this was a common problem when some of us early adopters were getting units in the DC Market a year before launch. We knew the system was up and running yet XOHM (before the change to Clear) would not sell with our addresses as we were obviously, to them, not covered.

    Solution, just give them a valid address that you know is covered and tell them that you need to be billed at your office (your real home or office address) That will solve the problem. Ask them to send it to your office because someone is there that can receive it.

  6. Not sure if anybody read the service agreement, but I saw no mention about being restricted to apple devices. Maybe I missed something.

  7. The vast majority of users would never go through the effort to spoof a MAC address. So despite how simple it is to use the iSpot for non-iDevices, there’s really no need for them to do all sorts of traffic checking. It’d be more of an investment on their part to do that checking than what they’d get in increased fees from those that they catch using it for other devices.

    I’m willing to bet that they’d actually be fine with people using it for other devices if that gets more people to try out their product and potentially lead to a sale of service for homes and/or offices.

  8. Tried your procedure on a MacBook and a MacBook Pro, and while the commands seem to work without a hitch, I wind up unable to join any wifi nets. I can see them in the Airport menu, and attempting to join brings me to a password prompt. I enter my wifi pass, and click Join, and get an instant “Connection timeout” error. It seems like an Apple thing, not an iSpot thing, since I’m getting it on all my wifi nets. A restart clears everything up. Insights welcome, TIA!

  9. Ugh, thats all the speed you get? I get somewhat higher speeds on t-mobile 3g. sigh.

  10. Like Rob, I too am getting that “Connection timeout” error. Anyone have some suggestions as to fixing this?

  11. Eric Castellanos August 6, 2010 at 4:54 am

    My iSpot will arrive today thanks for writing about it helps out

  12. Rich, you could try entering a different address. The address you test is not necessarily the one Clear will ship too. For example, my neighborhood is newer and they have no record my home exists and therefore is not covered. So I put my work address in to validate, then I ordered it with a shipping and billing address of my home. Here’s the coverage map, perhaps it will be useful:

    Eric, I skimmed it and didn’t see anything either.

    Todd, those are reasonable assumptions, but we can’t know for sure which is why I put it out there. I also assume that as long as data usage isn’t insane, no one would care.

    Scott, like I said I was in ‘weak’ to ‘good’ coverage areas and the iPhone tests were in a moving car. I assume once I hit an ‘excellent’ coverage area, the rate will go up. Regardless, I have no practical complaints with the speed.

    Rob, Sintax – What OS are you on? We tried this successfully on 10.6.2 and 10.6.4. Also, check out the link to Dan’s more thorough steps – it shows you how to verify the MAC was changed. Just in case… I can duplicate your error message when I enter the wrong encryption key. Sure it’s not a typo?

  13. I am on 10.6.4 as well and did use Dan’s method to verify. I just thought of something – I’ll try using the MAC from my older iPhone 3G that is just chilling as an iPod now.

    Stand by for results…

  14. I just put a video up of how I’m spoofing and connecting… perhaps it will help?

    I suppose it’s possible there are also different hardware aircard revs out there. Although, this command should be universal… I’m running on a late 2008 Aluminum Unibody Macbook.

  15. Just tried several times over with my old iPhone 3G MAC address – same results. After the terminal commands, it sees both my iSpot and regular home WiFi network but won’t connect to either of them. I’ve tried both WPA, WEB and open connections as well. The Airport icon in my task bar just keeps animating like it is trying to connect, then goes gray.

    I’ll check out the video and see if that helps.

  16. I put in a work address in CHI, my billing address is in Menlo Park, and I shipped it to Virginia (another no service addres) where I am now visiting. Arrival this AM!!

  17. Gentlemen and /or Ladies,
    A look last nite at CLEARS support Forums shows there has been some connection issues with the Apple iSPOT. There has been a new Firmware Update released, dated 08-05-2010.
    You can check this out at :

    Keep in mind, there is no other FW version to revert back to posted on their website. So this is a case of once you go forward, there is no going back. As with most FW updates, some will say “Dont fix it if it ain’t broke”. So that is something to think on. Also, for those who had this “idea” in mind, there is also not FW available for the regular iSPOT to try flashing to the Apple iSPOT. FW upgrades are normally just pushed to these devices OTA. This also brings another issue if you were to try and flash the standard iSPOT FW to the Apple iSPOT, should thought of possibly crossed your mind.

  18. Thanks for digging that up, Ron. Perhaps the new firmware will solve Sintax’s connectivity issue. And I appreciate your conservative upgrade thought process. Although, I’m starting to doubt my iSpot’s signal strength indicator. Maybe that’s also been tweaked. Hm.

  19. I tried to download the new firmware but the service that is hosting the file says the download limit has been reached. Classic! :-D

    I’ll try again in 24 hours to see if I can grab it then.

  20. Sintax, it’s definitely got to be a conflict between the iSpot and OS X. Because even before I change my MAC, I can connect to the iSpot. But when navigating to say, I’m hit with a Clear web page saying my device isn’t supported. Hopefully that firmware finds its way to you shortly and will resolve this. Let us know!

  21. Dave,
    Anytime I can make a contribution to help out I am happy to do so.

    Luckily I did grab a copy for my new iSPOT due in some time today. I will put it up and post a link shortly for the ZATZ iSPOT Team.

  22. It seems that Rapidshare will only allow a file to be downloaded 10 times unless you have a Premium acct. If someone knows a better file server for Free, please feel free to throw it up. If not, maybe if the next few people would upload again, that would give the ZATZ community 30-40 uploads to get us started. BTW The file is 7.8 MB )Dont be surprised if you dont see a new one shortly LOL. (Just a thought, I know nothing new)

    Here is my link to download the new Apple iSPOT FW f4rom 08-05-2010.:

  23. Dave –

    I can connect to my iSpot before I do the spoof without any issues. It is after the Terminal commands that my airport loses all connection, both with my iSpot as well as any other wifi network.

  24. Ron, I assume something like Dropbox or iDisk would also get it done. I could also host the file here on ZNF, especially since it’s so small. But will need permission from Clear before I do so. Some orgs don’t go for that…

    Sintax, hm that is real odd. I did see some directions how to change the MAC on earlier OS X versions, but you’re running the same version as me. Could be hardware and could be whatever connectivity bug they fixed with the new firmware. But the fact that you cannot connect to any wireless network is bizarre and troubling. If you try the new firmware, let us know…

  25. New firmware installed (thanks, Ron P) and same issues persist. Once I change the MAC addy then I am unable to connect to any wifi network.

    Just a note on the firmware: Safari started to work but hung on the file upload. I gave it 40 minutes or so but finally quit out. I tried again in Firefox and it works a treat.

  26. I was using Snow Leo (10.6.4) when I had the errors I described. I tried this on a circa 2006 Core 2 Duo MacBook and a 2007 Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro.

    Like Sintax, I was having trouble connecting to -any- wifi network after changing the MAC address. I’ll try the firmware fix, on the off chance that the Mac’s 80211 stack is being confused somehow by the iSpot, but this seems like a longshot to me. I think this might just be an issue with Snow Leo.

  27. Good info on the hardware front, Rob. Sintax, what hardware do you have?

  28. For some reason I can connect and browse at will with to of my mac book pros without making any changes to the stock mac address but when I connect with my iphone I get clears page that thinks I am not using an idevice

  29. I like Rob and Sintax am having the timeout issue with my Macbook Pro running Snow leopard. I tried it on my hackintosh hp mini running 10.5 and it worked like a charm. What could it be? Any help would be appreciated.

  30. Not surprised Apple would have overlapping ranges and Clear would miss some. Hopefully enough folks will provide unsupported iOS device MACs to Clear and they update their device firmware or proxy in a timely fashion.

  31. Did the firmware update. The iSpot seems to be having a better time connecting to the 4G network now, but the issue getting the Macs connected to the iSpot’s wifi remains the same. Still unable to connect to -any- wifi after issuing the airport -z and ifconfig commands.

    airport -? says that -z is a “legacy” command, and Jon reports above that his 10.5 M(h)ac is connecting without a problem. Possibly airport -z is behaving differently under 10.6?

  32. At this point, it’s probably safe to say it’s a Mac issue and not an iSpot issue. Rob, I’m running 10.6.4 in on my laptop (the one in the video) with no problems and Dan verified on 10.6.2. So it’s probably software related to specific hardware – likely certain airport cards. I’m interested in learning what Sintax runs so we can all compare notes.

  33. Dave, I can’t believe you’d openly do such a horrible thing. Just kidding…

    Now, only if worked with the iPhone 4, AS ADVERTISED. That would really be great!!! ;)


    -Waiting for my iPhone 4 to work with my iSpot Jon

  34. Yeah, it seems the “sudo ifconfig en1 ether [mac address]” command kills the airport in my Macbook pro for some reason. as soon as I type it, I cant connect to any network wirelessly.

    On a plus side, I can tether via USB from my (jailbroken) iPhone to the laptop.

  35. FYI Clear is now hosting the first firmware update on their site. You can grab it here:

    Those of you with iPhone 4 connectivity problems should hang tight. Clear is working with Apple and expects to have another update posted by the end of the day.

  36. Yeah, still no joy for me on this end. Bummed about it as I’m going on a road trip and needed to have some roaming wifi on my laptop.

    It is a 2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo running 10.6.4

    The card listed under my en1 reads:
    AirPort Extreme (0x168C, 0x87)
    Firmware: Atheros 5416:

    Does that help at all?

  37. I’ve been happily using it on my laptop, with no MAC spoofing required. When I turned on the iSpot the first thing I had join it was the computer, and it just accepted it off the bat. Running great, with speeds peaking at 9mbs in certain parts of Portland OR.

  38. Possibly an issue with the Atheros chipset? I found a blog comment thread that seems to be discussing the same problem, but a few months ago.

  39. Well if the case is related to my Atheros chipset then I guess there is nothing I can do about it. The Dude does not abide.

  40. I started running down alternative kexts for that chipset in the Hackintosh community, on the chance that someone’s already addressed this issue. Saw a few crumbs that suggest other people have the problem joining a net after changing their MAC, but didn’t see anything that looked like a fix yet.

  41. Man, what a bummer. For comparison, here’s my unibody Macbook aircard – which works without prob.

    Card Type: AirPort Extreme (0x14E4, 0x8D)
    Firmware Version: Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

  42. I guess the next stop would be a USB wifi adapter. This hack is starting to add up. :(

  43. Just a HEads Up, I may have to eat a bit of crow (I hear it tastes like chicken ) It appears that CLEAR has brought the Apple iSPOT price back up to $99 as a purchase only. But I’ll eat a bit of crow since I did order and get the deal, waiting for the UPS lady as we speak. Now I just need to figure out how I tell my best friend that my “Lets wait and see how mine works out” philosophy may just have cost him $75 smackers.

    Somehow I do see the $29 price making comeback rwelatively soon.They want these units out ion the street being seen and talked about. This is great marketing. But in the same breath, I do like to see a company run a true, legitimate super deal and not just some joke sale as I alluded to in an earlier post.
    We shall see!

    But to those who got in on the $29, feels good don’t it? !!

  44. Yeah, I ordered mine at like 5 am Wednesday. The Clear site said it was a 1-day sale, but I also saw that ticket on the home page that ended early this morning (or maybe it was late last night).

    And here I would pay the $70 difference it it worked with my laptop. LOL

  45. Yeah, it was promoted as a launch day sale but also ran all day yesterday and into this morning. It was still up when I was doing my screencast about 6:30AM EST.

  46. It’s back up to $99? Good thing I decided to jump on it yesterday. Got it today and, lo and behold, having the same issues as many others — my stock unrooted/unjailbroken iPod Touch 3rd Gen won’t work. Will do firmware upgrade when I get home.

    I wonder how big of a blow CLEAR is going to suffer due to these connection issues. If they didn’t have all the kinks worked out with filtering, might have been better off letting EVERYONE connect the first few days.

    P.S. My signal strength is predictably “weak” (red) indoors, even if I put up the unit right next to the window. Same was with U301.

  47. I purchased this Wed. night, it arrived today. It has a wireless key code under the device.
    I tired a speed test , used:
    and I got 5456kbps down, and 487 kbps up.
    streaming movies play great.
    I purchased the white ispot that claims it is for Mac users only, being in IT I clearly understand that wireless G is the same on a windows laptop as it would be on a MacPro.
    Guess what I entered the wep key code located under the unit, and I am surfing!
    Now, when I tried my touch and Mac desktop, it will not let you surf until you agree to the terms and conditions.
    The terms are simple, Clear has the right to charge your credit card every month automatically.
    Soo I am thinking – until I am 100% satisfied , I will keep using the white Ispot on my windows products to avoid the user agreement that loads on the Safari browser, but does not seem to load in Internet Explorer.

    This is why they want to call the white ispot Mac only.

    Last I did get the deal: 29 for the device and 25 for the service. small tax fee on total order. Yes activation and shipping as free. no extra fees were tackled yet.

    I hope this helps everyone here. I want to mention my data speeds are based on the red light strenght. This means weakest signal.. I will take it to work where Clear Co. is a few blocks down on Billy G. Highway NC.

    visit me at

    Pura Vida Everyone.

  48. More hackery; gives more information. User: super, pw: super.

  49. No problems using my MacBook Pro unspoofed with the iSpot so far.

    Considering I’m getting 7-8 MBps down (1 up) this morning, if I do run it to trouble I’ll simply have Clear unlock it and pay them $40/month (cheaper than cable or DSL here)

  50. EDIT: the MAC address on my wireless card is on the ‘whitelist’

  51. There is something odd going on here – I’m not sure spoofing really works. My understanding is that the first 6 digits of the MAC address identify permitted devices.

    1. The first 6 digits in the MAC address in the video are ’00:1D:4F’ – which is the identifier for my MacBook, not an ‘iDevice’.

    2. That MAC address is listed in the log found by lid (above) – as a permitted device – so no spoofing is needed.

    When I try to use my MacBook to spoof with the MAC address from an iDevice that is not in the list 90:84:0D:xx:xx:xx (2G iPod Touch) – I cannot connect.

  52. I neglected to say that after attempting to spoof a MAC address and connecting to my normal router, the spoofed address shows up as connected to my router and everything works.

    However, when I open Network Preferences and click on the ‘Advanced’ button, the original, unspoofed address is shown.

  53. I would be interested if anyone has used a regular Windows PC devicewith the iSPOT and not done anything, sppofing , hacking etc.
    Unfortunately, where my CLEAR Motorola USB Modem works at my TownHouse in a few select spots ( u know the deal, Aluminum Foil Hat, standing on a coffee table on 1 leg and must have my car keys in my pocket and face in a NNE direction, that kind of thing) but nowhere in my house will the iSPOT connect. So I need to take a drive I guess. But I would like to hear from any Non-MAC users and their experiences before I hit the road Jack.

  54. I have nothing new to add, and am still in limbo. I just wanted to thank those iSpot users that are still working on finding a unified solution. If you need someone with a bum network card (Atheros) to run some tests, just let me know.

  55. Sintax: I have same network card (atheros), same hardware, same OSX ver. Same connection problem when changing the MAC address on mbpro… the ‘connection timeout’ when trying to connect to any wifi network. I notice I also have trouble connecting to wireless networks sometimes – airport just searches and doesn’t connect, even networks it has memorized

  56. Ok, at least on my MacBook (Fall 2007), I can spoof – sorry for the earlier doubts. I tested with some real MAC addresses from iPad, iPhone 3GS and 4 – spoofed on my MacBook.

    One tip is to wait choose the device from the menu bar and wait for it to finish connecting before opening Safari etc.

    Another is to use a MAC address that begins any of the first 6 characters in the log file – like ’00:26:B0:’ (which is an iPod Touch 3G).

    I also wandered into an Apple store and successfully connected with real iPad, iPhone and iPods.

  57. Eric Castellanos August 8, 2010 at 12:39 am

    I get faster speeds on my macbook then on my ipad.
    I can only get 8Mb on iPad and 11Mb on macbook

  58. Got the iSpot and hadn’t read the fine print either. Tried the spoofing instructions you posted (thanks). Unfortunately my machine returns “ifconfig: interface en1 does not exist”.

    Any idea what ifconfig interface I should be using on my MacBook Air since mine doesn’t have en1?


  59. en0 should do the trick.

  60. en0 seems to work. As a curiosity, what directory do the ifconfig interface files reside?

    Having some difficulty getting past the clear home page, but at least it’s not telling me I have an unsupported device! :-)

  61. You can change settings that you can’t normally change in the AdminUI if you export the current settings and edit them in a hex editor. Does this mean you can edit the “Restricted Use” function blocking all other MACs? Maybe. Not successful yet. The AP name did go to IMW-C600W instead of C615W when restoring the edited file.

  62. Thanks anonymous. Good lead. It is possible to control the iSpot through a saved configuration file.

    It looks like the IMW-C600W is the OEM model from the Korean company Infomark. And the IMW-C610W is the model branded as the Clear Spot and the IMW-C615W is the model branded as the Clear iSpot. There are no differences between the 3 models internally except for the firmware for each model.

    Anyways, now for the good news, you can change the iSpot so it doesn’t block any mac addresses even on the latest firmware. I’m not going to release how to do this because they (Clear) will close the hole. Anyways check this out: The restrictions are disabled. You can also set the firmware not to autoupdate by modifying a string inside that configuration backup and re-uploading it to the unit.

  63. The funny thing is im getting 3 to 4 down and 1.5 up on my iphone and on my ipsot im getting 1.5 to 2.3 down and 1 up. i was thinking it would be 5 to 6 down and 1.5 up. I am probably going to send it back i looks like at&t is making improvements to its network.. I did a field test of 85% of vegas not just my house.. 25 different areas to be exact same result every time the ispot has yet to clock a faster speed than my iphone.

  64. iSpotCracker, you are going to tell us you disabled the mac filtering, but aren’t going to give us who have ‘”un-spoofable” airport cards a hint on how to do this ourselves? Please-Oh-Please help! If anything, send me an email to give me some pointers please at

  65. I wish I had more time. I’m rushing to beat iSpotCracker to the punch. I feel like I’m close. ;)

    Finding lotsssss of interesting things along the way.

    I still need to run a speed test. When push comes to shove, omer might be right and this might be slower then my iPhone 4.

  66. I’ll be tracking my progress at unlocking the iSpot at

    So far I have enabled NDIS via USB for tethering, and the other easy stuff (disable auto-updating, etc). The next one is to disable the MAC address blacklist. Looks like a lot of attack vectors were left open in the configuration updating mechanism!

  67. Eric Castellanos August 10, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I will go read what you have writen wojo.
    And keep up with all that gets posted on here and what you write.

  68. For sure, I’ll be monitoring everything and cross-linking to other work done as well.

  69. Hey wojo, could you explain how you enanbled NDIS?


  71. Windows

    Get Driver for Windows.
    Connect iSpot to Windows
    Pray for no BSODs


    Connect iSpot via USB

    Haven’t yet tested – YMMV.

  72. Eric Castellanos August 10, 2010 at 6:34 pm

    Is the iSpot suppose to go into charging mode when
    connected to a computer with a USB cable.

    I connect the iSpot with a USB cable to my macbook
    and the iSpot only says hold on it. when I connect to wall charger it says charging.

    It also does not connect to the iSpot with a usb cable but it does connect to it with wifi just fine.

  73. Eric, I noticed that too. I’m not sure what the manual says but with my USB ports, it did charge. YMMV pending power supplied by your ports.

  74. Update on on how to get root, disable MAC filtering and enable RNDIS.

  75. This is fantastic. I just hit 7.10 Meg Down on my desktop after removing the OUI MAC address restriction! I’m loven this little guy. At $25.00 a month … sweet!

  76. I feel pretty sure there’s a way via web UI too w/o using any extra files. ;)

  77. Eric Castellanos August 11, 2010 at 1:05 am

    easy way to do it.
    just download file and upload it to your iSpot

    @helix its nice using it on the desktop fastest I have been
    able to get was 11Mb

  78. You guys are the best!


  79. Great write and video. Thanks.

  80. You all are awsome!! A quick question, I did the config file from Erics post. Everything works great, but is the NDIS enabled and the auto update disabled or is it just unprotected.

    Thanks again everyone,


  81. what is the default login credential for the telnet?
    i ma trying to connect to but cannot login using admin/super. can anyone help?

  82. Please be very cautious when updating your device, on your own or via other’s config files – looks like at least two cases of semi-bricked iSpots. (Here’s one.)

    cracker, check out Wojo’s site. He created a new super user and telnetted in via that account.

  83. I checked that..but I am not sure actually where to place that. in the configuration file, I find the lan.conf but I am not sure exactly what lines to place where. I am using hexeditor software. is there any better editor to do that? or if someone who used Wojo’s method paste it here the exact thing I have to copy that will be really helpful.
    thanks a lot.

  84. Dave,
    So eric’s post on the website “” shouldnt be used?

  85. Jon and I are somewhat cautious and feel that it may not be the best idea to apply another device’s config file to your iSpot – we don’t yet know what, if any, hooks or unique identifiers are baked in. Related, we’ve heard of at least two instances of iSpots that periodically lose the ability to accept WiFi connections or assign IP addresses. Lastly, we’re curious as to why the config file on that site enables remote access into the iSpot.

    Having said that, if anyone has installed the config file feel free to let us know how it’s working out.

  86. i am just worried about the big huge warning.. on the site.. Warning: This can and will most likely void your warranty as well as your service plan with Clearwire..

    is wojo’s crack the same and has the same warning?

  87. I imagine modifying your device and/or using it for data services it wasn’t intended for most likely violates Clear’s Terms of Service and/ or Acceptable Use Policy.

  88. thanks dave.. so is there another way i can get my gateway to connect to my ispot without breaking the TOS? been trying to spoof my mac addy but no luck. it changed (iphone wifi address) but still no working properly..

  89. In this thread, I think (post #79) Eric C. and (post #81) omer are the only two reports of successful use of: “”

    It is unclear to me what method (post #77) helix4021 used.

    Comments or corrections please, as I’m watching this thread with great interest.

  90. @patrick808 – do you have a ispot device also? (assume your from hawaii; me too!)

    i will try to change my MAC address again tonight to something different based on this
    seeing that i tried unsuccessfully last night with random iphone wi-fi address’s i found online..
    if that doesnt work ill use the ispotunrestricted method and report back..

  91. @don
    Yes, I’m in Hawaii also with a $29 iSpot.

    If you haven’t already found this info…

    I think post #48 is trying to list the MAC prefixes allowed by the Clear iSpot after the Clear Website firmware update. I can’t glean the information from that post, I will summarize below.

    MAC addresses beginning with these sequences are allowed:

    001B63, 001D4F, 001E52, 001EC2, 001FF3
    0021E9, 002241, 002312, 002332, 0023DF
    002436, 002500, 00254B, 0025BC, 002608
    00264A, 0026B0, 0026BB, 041E64, 34159E
    40D32D, 58B035, 5C5948, 60334B, 60FB42
    64B9E8, 78CA39, 7C6D62, 7CC537, 9027E4
    90840D, C42C03, D49A20, D83062, D8A25E
    E80688, F81EDF

  92. At this point, I am not really interested in changing the configuration of the iSpot itself. I came across an AppleScript program that is designed to change the MAC address on Mac computers by issuing the Terminal commands behind the scenes. The original release was for 10.6.2 and 10.6.3 but it has not been updated to 10.6.4.

    I downloaded the program, opened up the script in AppleScript editor and was able to update it with the Terminal commands Dave has in his post. It now works under 10.6.4.

    I have uploaded it a file sharing site. NOTE – I am not the original author and won’t be able to provide any support for it. DOWNLOAD AND USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

    Feel free to inspect it by right-clicking on the file, clicking on ‘Show Package Contents’ and going to Contents/Resources/Scripts/ and opening the file called main.scpt. That was the only file I changed.

    This change, like Dave’s original posting, will not survive a reboot. It would have to be re-run to take affect.

  93. I failed in my last post to provide the original download source and name of the program. It is called AirPortClown.

    Here is the original link:

    e –

  94. here is clears terms of service..

    arent you legalized to tamper with the ispot since you bought it?

  95. MethodicJon: after I click on this, do I need to do anything else to enable USB tethering on a mac (10.6.4)?

  96. Anyone reading this, as of this post there are 3 “solutions”. Jaku, Wojo and the MAC address “Reserve the first IP address”.

    IMO, all three are flawed or don’t work:

    1. Jaku’s original post had a backdoor enabled. He claims it’s better now. I haven’t looked since. His general method is sound, but I wouldn’t use it. This lacks telnet access too, so not the best either

    2. Wojo code creates a new user and you can Telnet and change the file using this. The problem is that same user gets created every 60 seconds.

    Eventually you’ll run out of free space and the iSpot will likely die. You need to telnet in and edit the lan.conf file and remove the entry added in the file to create the new user. This will stop the new entries every 60 seconds. Can’t do that? Immediately do a firmware restore with the 8/4 file.

    3. has a method “Reserve the first IP address”… I tried on 2 Windows XP machines. I didn’t see this working. I think it’s a fluke or lie. Happy to be proved wrong.

    Best approach is sit tight for a few days for something better. I’ll try to release a better approach for all.

    Disclaimer: YMMV

  97. I think for solution 2, when u r done with removing the restriction telnet again it and comment the line in lan.conf which creates a new root user. so then you dont have the chance of continuously creating new user and the ispot will not run out of space…this is clearly advised in wojo’s article:

  98. The config files are very basic there are no identifiers that identify the config to each unit. Just open up the bin and look in the tmp folder and examine each file. Anyways, I was hoping that this wasn’t as public as it is, but anyways good job people. Here are some other things that you can do outside of the UI:

    *** Add MAC addresses to OUI restrictions
    –FOLDER /etc/config
    –FILE restrict_tree.conf

    *** Enable UPnP:
    –FOLDER /system/etc
    –FILE board.conf

    *** Re-enable USB Data Mode (RNDIS) Tools Menu
    –FOLDER /var/wwwroot
    –file index.html
    Edit line 69 and uncomment menu item (remove //)

    *** Change ‘super’ password
    –FOLDER /system/default/wwwroot
    –FILE super.htpasswd
    Modify encoded password inside super.htpasswd with new encoded password

    *** Change the subnet you are on:
    –FOLDER /etc
    –FILE lan.conf

    –FILE udhcpd.conf
    start 192.168.x.10
    end 192.168.x.100
    router 192.168.x.1
    dns 192.168.x.1
    static_lease 00:30:0d:00:00:00 192.168.x.254

    –FOLDER /etc/init.d
    –FILE bridge.conf

    *** Change router address:
    –FOLDER /etc
    –FILE lan.conf

    –FILE udhcpd.conf
    router 192.168.1.x
    dns 192.168.1.x

    –FOLDER /etc/init.d
    –FILE bridge.conf

  99. OK. I applied the NEW configuration file cfg20100706175832.bin from with success.

    I had no issues.

    My thanks to @jaku

  100. I wanted to take a second and mention that I have had excellent support directly from Matt over at @JAKU which is the developer over at
    Twice he has answered my questions and concerns in a timely fashion, with precise and detailed answers. He is showing pride in his work and cares for the concerns of people using his technique. He has given me full confidence in using his unlocking solution and should problems arise I am also confident he will be there to support us.
    I do not have any affiliation with but wanted to express this opinion. I know allot of us are concerned due to the events and comments over the last few days regarding this subject and I felt this may put some to ease regarding this particular solution.

  101. I canceled my service. If anyone wants to buy my unit, which is configured to allow all devices and has several protections from auto-update, let me know via my website.

  102. So… I’m pretty confused… I just got my iSpot today, turned it on, confirmed my account info via my iPod, literally unplugged my existing internet connection & tried to connect to the internet via Airport (just for S&Gs) and voila… it worked. I am thrilled, but very confused. What the heck would make it work on the fly like this?

    At this point, my dilemma is getting my Time Capsule to connect to it. Right now, I can switch back & forth, but I’d love it if I could tell my Capsule that its internet source is the iSpot. Can you help?

  103. Forget everything I just wrote. For whatever reason, I was able to sync my Time Capsule w/ the new wifi connection & can now connect to it and the internet & am able to power it down completely and my Macbook can connect alone.

    I am still quite curious why I was able to connect w/o reconfiguring anything, but I can definitely live w/o that knowledge.

    BTW, my internet is running much faster now. Go figure…

  104. Thanks for taking the time to post the info on spoofing. Nicely done.

    I tried it with no luck a few times. First problem was that I have a new laptop which doesn’t have “en1”, so I substituted en0. Still didn’t work, but maybe may have been due to the MAC address I substituted.

    I found a nifty preference pane utility called MacSpoofer that let me change my MAC with the MAC address of an older desktop Mac. The iSpot works great on my new laptop now. Big grin!

  105. Dave –

    I made the death move by upgrading firmware to IMW-C615W_V1994_W121_R2209KRW.bin! :-( Mama always said ‘If it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it’!!
    Will this method work with this upgraded firmware.