Kodak Readies 10″ Pulse WiFi Frame (for Mari)

Dave Zatz —  August 20, 2010

Back at CES, Mari and I both came away impressed with Kodak’s new 7″ WiFi digital photo frame. In fact, when their PR agency failed to deliver the promised goods for review, we felt positive enough to purchase our own. And the Pulse delivered — it’s simple yet effective, with a nice look and reasonable price point (~$130).

Mari’s been pining for a larger version since her family acquired the original 7″ model. Heck, she recently fired off a tweet stating as much:

Rumors of a 7″ iPad, and all I can think about is whether Kodak will come out with its 10″ version of the Pulse.

Well, I’ve got some good news for her this AM. While searching the FCC for something, I came across Kodak’s new 10″ Pulse regulatory filing (due to that WiFi chip). Given the date and short 45 day confidentiality request, it’s clear the new WiFi frame (model W1030) will debut in plenty of time for holiday shopping.

UPDATE: Turns out the new Pulse is also listed on Amazon UK, with a 10.4″ 800×600 resolution touchscreen, 512MB of internal memory, and a 9/6 release date @ £170.

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6 responses to Kodak Readies 10″ Pulse WiFi Frame (for Mari)

  1. Now you have me curious. What were you searching for Mr. Zatz ;)

    I would be in for a larger version of the Kodak Pulse for my parents. Needs to be pretty easy, but functional and this seems to fit the bill. I wish it included some more automated way to sync photos with a directory or with a flickr-like service though.

  2. Kodak’s PR firm has requested we remove this post because the information is under embargo until August 23rd. However, I was never briefed on this product (that I didn’t know existed) and don’t agree to an embargo (that I didn’t know existed). Furthermore, this story was solely sourced from public FCC records and Amazon.

  3. The TRUTH that Kodak doesn’t want you to know: “We are making newer versions of stuff we already make” And they will stop at vague PR requests to prevent you from finding out this SHOCKING truth.

  4. Shouldn’t Kodak’s PR agency be aware of the fact they didn’t brief you & subjected you to embargo? And that by requesting take-down, they would bring even more attention to the story?

  5. Amazon USA shows it with a 9/10 release date and $199 price tag.

    I’ll be picking one up, based on your prior comments on the 7″ model for my very non technical mother.