CableCARD Support Coming to SageTV or MythTV?

HTPC enthusiasts, listen up. TheDigitalMediaZone broke some pretty exciting news Sunday afternoon.

The first of this is important to SageTV, MythTV and many other HTPC software users because it partially opens up CableCARD to non-Microsoft MediaCenter software. I’ve been hearing talk of this for a while from different people, so it’s not a total surprise – except I didn’t expect it so soon.

As described by Adam at DigitalMediaZone:

“What this means is that other HTPC software will be able to utilize CableCard tuners for Copy Freely content.  While this won’t get you HBO or Showtime in SageTV or Myth, it will get you any content that your cable company has not flagged with copy restrictions.”

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5 thoughts on “CableCARD Support Coming to SageTV or MythTV?”

  1. Eh, I’m not feeling the optimism others are. I’m not quite sure the scope/impact is that great and even if it opens the door to a Myth or Sage, utilizing say the Ceton quad tuner, programming work needs to be done. Lastly, the amount of ‘copy freely’ flagged content has quickly dwindled. My provider, Cox Communications, locks down everything but the locals. So there’d really be no point or benefit for me should Sage whip something up. We’ll see…

  2. As a Sage user this is progress, but I’d rather keep my Hauppauge HD PVR for DRM-free 1080i recordings and not rely on the benevolence of the cable company to refrain from flagging content that I’ve already paid for.

  3. This just doesn’t go far enough. Hey, we pay for what comes down our pipes, be it cable, satellite, fiber, etc why is ANYTHING that is in our particular “package” locked down?
    I pay dearly every month for my “500 channels”, so why can’t I watch what I want to watch, when I want to watch it, WHERE I want to watch it, and however many times I want to watch it?

  4. I don’t see the benefit here. Like Dave, my cable provider has pretty much locked down all content. Can somebody enlighten me as to why this is big news…

  5. Yeah, total non-starter unless I can watch HBO. Why even try to get copy freely stuff on there? Yay, I can’t switch to HBO (or, in my case, almost anything). Time to reinstall WMC.

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