Win a Year of Slacker Radio Plus (5 of You)

In honor of the 2010 edition of the Lollapalooza music festival, we’re giving away 5 one year subscriptions to Slacker Radio Plus.

I’m old enough to remember the early editions of Lolla and am bummed I can’t break free from my rusty cage to catch the (temporarily?) reunited Soundgarden in Chicago next week. However, attendees and non-attendees alike can keep up with the show via the official Lollapalooza iPhone app (pics below)… which just so happens to also feature Slacker Radio streaming.

Here at ZNF, Slacker is our preferred music streaming service – both Mari and I are paid subscribers. Anyone can listen free of charge via multiple platforms (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, etc), but a paid subscription ($4/mo) upgrades you to a commercial-free experience, unlimited song skips, and mobile phone caching for offline playback (while on a plane, for example). It’s a great service, at a reasonable rate.

So if you want in on a free year of Slacker Radio Plus, simply leave a comment. We’ll choose FIVE winners at random in a few days thanks to generous music-loving folks at Slacker.

233 thoughts on “Win a Year of Slacker Radio Plus (5 of You)”

  1. Been digging the free version of Slacker for a couple months now, and I’d love to go commercial-free for a year!

  2. I’ve tried Slacker and LOVE it on the iPhone! It got me hooked and converted over from Pandora. But when will they release a solid iPad app that uses the new split-screen interface the way that the Pandora app does? And how are Slacker apps for Droit, BB, etc? Anyone got any feedback on those?

  3. If Droit you mean Droid, then I have it on my Evo. I debated between all my music app choices and finally settled on Slacker. The app and service are great. I just used the station caching on my drive up to Eureka and it worked flawless. I was even surprised at how little the battery usage was.

  4. Since XM let me go without even trying to keep me, I could see paying for a service like this.. Until carriers kill them with outrageously expensive bandwidth plans.. A free year of slacker would go well with a froyo update.

  5. Slacker Radio is definitely better than Pandora. Especially now that Pandora is enforcing only 30 or 40 hours of free play a month. Switched to Slacker permanently recently and listen to it all day at work. Great service, great app. Would be awesome to win the paid service!

  6. I’ve used the free version of Slacker at home and on my phone on and off for more than a year. A paid subscription might be enough to make me a dedicated convert!

  7. I’m quite agnostic on radio apps; been using AOL, Clear Channel’s and, so I’d be curious how Slacker sizes up

  8. Dave, love the detailed attention to online video. It keeps me subscribed to your RSS feed. Please continue.

  9. Saw Soundgarden @ Lollapalooza in ’96. They were pretty awesome, but you could tell they were starting to have issues.

  10. Love Slacker! I’ve got my main stations tuned so I pretty much never need a skip, but the caching would be a nice option. I don’t know why Pandora has so much mindshare because Slacker just crushes it IMHO. Maybe Slacker needs to do more OEM deals.

  11. Sign me up!! Love Slacker and Pandora both. They’re like my children, each different, but I could never choose between them.

  12. I was showing my mom’s husband slacker today…definitely the future of radio. A sub would be excellent!

  13. I really could use one of these. I’m listening to music on my 10 year old Sony Clie (Palm Pilot clone)…
    Please pick me Dave!
    Thank you

  14. I started using Slacker shortly after it debuted in 2007. Many other online custom radio station websites have come and gone, but Slacker remains the best. They continue to evolve and their multiple functions are excellent!

  15. I love Slacker just fine as the free version, but free for a year would be an awesome perk! Who knows, I might get hooked and decide to start paying! :D

  16. Slacker is the best, hands down. I said bye bye to satellite radio after discovering this wonderful service.

  17. I have Slacker on my iPhone along with Pandora – no premium on either one. Thanks for the free chance to try it.

  18. Lollapalooza rocks, thanks slacker for the for the opportunity to have a chance for the win and to zats very appreciated on behalf of everyone love it.

  19. Slacker is awesome, I love that you can fine tune your stations. I put in my earbuds and zone out, its the only way I’d ever get any work done

  20. Great things are going on now these days and of course this is one of them.thanks guys just keep up the good work and stright ahead! Long live the good life.wao…..

  21. Slacker is awesome, I love that you can fine tune your stations. I put in my earbuds and zone out, its the only way I’d ever get any work done. I listen to it at home and at work. I would love to be able to see soundgarden but they are to far away.

  22. Slacker is awesome, I love that you can fine tune your stations. I put in my earbuds and zone out, its the only way I’d ever get any work done. I listen to it at home and at work. I would love to be able to see soundgarden but they are to far away. Slacker is the best music app I have found so far for a BlackBerry.

  23. The thing I love most about the paid subscription is the station caching. I would really love to give that a try because I have an IPod Touch and do not always have access to a network connection. Great work Slacker!!

  24. Slacker is great on the Droid! I use the auxiliary cable and hook it up to my car stereo for my commute to work. Much better than listening to talk radio or commercials.

  25. I just discovered Slacker recently & I love it! I mostly listen at work. I’ll be ready for a phone upgrade in October & am looking at the Slacker phones. What a great, affordable service. Thanks!

  26. I’m definitely a Slacker! Been listening to the free version every single day. Would love to win this since I can’t quite afford to pay for Plus service at the moment. :(

  27. I discovered Slacker about 6 months ago. Before that I was a Pandora fan, needless to say I have’nt returned to Pandora, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SLACKER RADIO!!!

  28. I ditched satellite radio in favor of Slacker – I love it and can’t get enough of it!

  29. I went to 2 Lollapalooza shows back when it still toured the country. Saw Tool for the first time there. I wish I was going this year…oh well, I guess I’ll just have to settle for a free year of Slacker instead :P

  30. Slacker! What zatz? Just kidding . I love to win the year subscription and I guess I’m old enough too

  31. Pick me! Pick me! I just love slacker and my slacker radio! I would really enjoy a premium subscription.

  32. I listen to slacker radio at work & would LOVE to have a free 1-year premium subscription to slacker radio plus.

  33. I have been a Slacker radio premium subscriber for a good while. Slacker has turned me on to so many good artists I was unaware of.

  34. Thank you for this contest. Good luck to all. Slacker Radio Plus is something I’ve been thinking about getting.

  35. I love Slacker radio it is great on my Blackberry now i can listen to all my fav. music or news whenever or wherever i want.

  36. I want to give Slacker a shot. Should be easy enough to beat the XM I’m listening to now (thanks Sirius).

  37. I enjoy Slacker better than all other “radio” services I’ve tried. I would enjoy it even more often if Sonos and Slacker would work out an agreement.

    I still subscribe to Rhapsody for access to specific music. I wish Slacker was the “channel” portion of Rhapsody.

  38. I have a hard time deciding between Slacker and Pandora. Both are completely amazing services!! Thanks Dave!!

  39. Love me some Slacker….WAY better than Pandora.
    Rock on…..and on…….and on…….and on…………………….
    for rizzle

  40. Zatz love here and I would like to find the music service right for my smartphone- I keep thing to try slacker based on what Dave says but stop short of the money. afree year my way could well do what slacker, inc. wants in getting a lifelong member

  41. I love rolling around with cache! I work in a lock box of reception… I would love to still be able to be a slacker at work and listen to some cached stations! Pick me!

  42. I’m a big fan of all types of Music!!! 1st thing I do when I get on the internet is go to Slacker Radio and listen to what’s new!!!

  43. It would be great to win a 1 YEAR free slacker upgrade. I prefer Slacker Radio to Sirius/XM any day. Personal Radio is where it’s at. I have been using Slacker basic.

  44. I love Slacker! I have a G2 for listening offline in my car. I had satellite radio but this is much better since I get more of what I want and I can skip songs. I don’t need a subscription for the G2. I want to put this on my Ipod Touch and my new Android tablet (hacked Pandigital Novel) so a subscription would be much appreciated!

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