Vulkano “God Box” Shipping Next Month


When we last checked in with Monsoon Multimedia at CES, they had unveiled the Volcano “God Box” — a device that intends to do it all: DVR, placeshifting, Internet video, and local media playback. Although they’ve missed their spring target, the rebranded “Vulkano” is now available for pre-order with units expected to arrive early August.

Monsoon is no stranger to placeshifting technologies, as the team behind the HAVA Slingbox competitor. However, they’re seriously expanding their repertoire with Vulkano. And, on paper, their device appears most excellent. However, I’m reserving judgement until I’ve spent some time exploring the various features. And it’s the combined DVR+placeshifting functionality that interests me most. While Sling’s new parent company has integrated Slingbox technology into a DVR, that product is limited to DISH Network customers. Whereas Vulkano is an agnostic product, controlling all sorts of set-top boxes via IR, and recording (or streaming) high def video via component outputs. (Think Hauppauge’s HD-PVR.)


Monsoon intends to have Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad clients available at launch, in addition to their new 10′ interface, with Blackberry and Mac OS X software launching shortly thereafter. Hardware runs $279 – $379, dependent on the type (SD or eSATA) and amount (16GB – 1TB) of storage you choose.

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  1. I checked the Vulkano site trying ti find out how video would get to my Eris phone but struck out. Do you have any idea how they do this?

  2. It works like a Slingbox. On demand, the unit siphons video from your DVR or other STB and streams it through your home router out to the Internet. You’d log in via an Android App that knows how to find your specific Vulkano/feed. Not sure what versions of Android or specific devices yet. I should know more in a few weeks. And will hopefully have a review loaner to check out.

  3. Looks awesome.

    I am seriously considering buying one if it’ll let me watch/control my U-verse DVR from my Nexus One.

    …but Monsoon needs to lose that Star Trek font on their website Ack!

  4. Mark, the PS3 uses a Bluetooth remote so it may not be able to control it unless their is an IR adapter (which Monsoon has mapped). I’m not sure…

    Todd, Since you already have a DVR, you may just want a Slingbox which can do that as well. One of the Volukano’s differences is the DVR/recording capabilities.

  5. What about our friends at sling media? We have not seen new hardware for retail for a long time…

  6. Every time I suggest they’re done with retail, they tell me I’m incorrect. However, the only new hardware we’ve seen in about the last two years has been for partners. And in that same time frame the killed the Slingcatcher. So who knows…

  7. They say… “The new Vulkano is going to come with Mobile Video Recording (MVR) technology. This is where you can schedule and record content from any TV channel onto the Vulkano, and transfer the content to compatible 3G or Wi-Fi-equipped mobile devices, either on demand or automatically.”

    If that is the case then you could “push” some content to your phone and watch it without worrying about streaming rates, connectivity issues, etc.

  8. I guess that’s what they mean by “TiVoToGo” functionality. By the way, did they hire you to run their forum/community? The myvulkano site links you.

  9. I have been using sling box since it first came out 7yrs ago and I am still using the orginal classic slingbox with no problem at all. Using my windows phone watching live tv for 5yrs now and love it. But I like what valcano features. I have preorder mine already and soon be hooking it up soon!~

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