The Yamaha Sound Gadget Giveaway

Here at ZNF, we’re very selective in the product samples we choose to receive. Yet, every now and then, gadgets just magically appear – with no indication who sent an item… or how to return it.

As is the case with the Yamaha PSG-01S SoundGadget ($220) pictured above. I’m sure it’s a fine USB-powered PC Skype speakerphone (4 mics, 2 speakers), but it’s not something I’d use. And frankly, reviewing a speakerphone doesn’t sound like a whole lot of fun… even though the Sound Gadget does double duty as a computer stereo speaker array.

But, as a public service, here are some related links should you want to learn more:

With that out of the way, if you like what you see, entering the Yamaha PSG-01S SoundGadget giveaway is as easy as it gets, simply leave a comment. (US residents in the lower 48 only, please.) We’ll choose the winner at random in a few days.

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58 thoughts on “The Yamaha Sound Gadget Giveaway”

  1. Hm it’s USB powered but does it need to be attached to a computer to work? Probably. Mac compatible?

  2. Hmm interesting… well my wife is a major skyper…and her birthday is coming up in a month… I think I can make this a ‘thoughtful’ gift. But I’d prolly still get her that ring …just in case :) Yeay!

  3. I am planning to setup skype for my family as a newborn is on the way so this would make a nice addition to the setup.

  4. Does the generosity of ZNF know no bounds? I think this would definitely find some use with the grammas….

  5. Skype ROCKS, use it worldwide on my iphone. Most times, better voice quality than a landline. And, of course nearly fREE

  6. I wish I had expensive gadgets sent to me anonymously, too! I just switched to Skype and this looks like something I could actually use. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Sounds like an interesting product. Not sure if I could really use it, but it may be worth a try in my home office…

  8. Sounds like I could definately make use of this to call my family in Canada. Please pick me!!!!

  9. I’d love to have that … my wife has family in the Philippines and spread across the US. They have regular Skype chats to help the family keep in touch. I could also use it for conference calls or teaching webinars when I work from home.

    Would definitely be a win-win for everyone! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

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