The New Roku Screensavers

Dave Zatz —  July 13, 2010


In conjunction with Roku’s $35,000 developer contest (of which I’m a judge), the company had recently expanded their API. And one of the new features is the ability to craft universal screensavers. While it’s still early going, Roku owners can check out a few community-developed solutions – including two by the talented and prolific “nowhereman“.

Once you add any of these screensavers, you’ll want to pop in and out of the Channel Store on Roku to have them downloaded to your device (as I assume you won’t want to wait up to 24 hours for checkin). Once done, head on over to Settings > Screensaver and step through the list to select the one you’d like to configure and utilize.

5 responses to The New Roku Screensavers

  1. FYI: nowhereman just added another screensaver last night. It’s based on his Netflix Instant Watch Tracker ( ).

    Here is the Roku forums thread which has the channel code:

  2. Rakesh agrawal July 13, 2010 at 2:08 pm

    Very cool, I would love to see a picasaweb screensaver, specifically one that includes picasaweb albums that are unlisted (ie I’d enter my username and password).

  3. Rakesh, not sure if you’ve seen this already or not, but there is a private Picasaweb channel available:

    While it’s not a screensaver, it does provide proof-of-concept that Picasaweb content via the Roku DVP is possible. I’d suggest leaving a comment in the above thread, or in this screensaver request thread:

  4. Very interesting article above. Even the blog I like very much, I will return to the blog to read news. Good luck still!

  5. I love my Roku box. I think that as we wait longer and longer for the Boxee box, the Roku has a great opportunity to further expand it’s content base. Hopefully NHL GameCenter is on the horizon…