Proof Pandora Preps for IPO?

Although we generally focus on tangible tech over the business end of things, a compelling Pandora job opening came across my desk this evening. I’m no expert in the market or finance, but I know someone who is. And he’s quite intrigued with the listed responsibilities of an incoming Senior Revenue Specialist, which include:

  • Participate in the SEC reporting process, XBRL experience a plus.
  • Understanding of FAS123r, FAS123 and other equity accounting/pronouncements and tax issues.

While these bullets are gibberish to me, it leads my source to believe Pandora is likely gearing up for a public offering. And you wouldn’t have to be a day trader to recognize Pandora’s been on a tear. Not to mention, both the New York Times and Techcrunch have previously reported an IPO could be in the cards.

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10 thoughts on “Proof Pandora Preps for IPO?”

  1. I should also add that I’m a bit out of sorts as a storm rolled through taking out the power at home. So I’ve been parked at various cafes the last few hours trying to keep entertained and busy.

  2. Hmmm. You’re not really allowed to make any public statements about going public. My guess is that job posting gets updated / removed

  3. Those FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board) mostly involve stock option issuance accounting. Does not mean anything is imminent, but that they are starting the process of starting the process of an IPO.

  4. This particular job posting is a long way from “proof”. If you want a top accountant in your office, you’ll want someone with this level of experience. And if someday, you see the S-1, you’ll have wanted your revenue ducks in a row for several years past. I wouldn’t read that much into this one specific incident. However, if it is a piece in a Mosaic of clues, then perhaps …..

  5. Yeah, I think my guy analyzed the opening not in a vacuum but as one element amongst many. One that happened to be public and new. It’s not really my area of expertise of interest, but I’m pleased with my Photoshop representation. :)

  6. I work in the building Pandora’s in, and I overheard an elevator conversation by employees that they’re going through an audit right now (probably to make sure their books are in order and ready for SOX compliance) and that the original end date was supposed to be Nov. but is going better and faster than expected.

    IPO at xmas?

  7. Yep, Pandora updated their job opening to remove the telling bits. Fortunately, I’ve got the screengrab from their site… and the 6/22 Craigslist listing. ;)

  8. Called it! :-)

    Honestly, they should have simply just pulled the postings as now they have simply highlighted the issue and basically confirmed the fact.

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