Amazon iPad App Foreshadows Multimedia Kindle 3?

Amazon’s iPad and iPhone¬† Kindle app has been updated to support audio and video playback. Although their current selection of enhanced content is small and the related eBook AV integration appears tacked on, I can’t help but assume this prefaces a more media centric, color Kindle 3. Although, I’d hope for the sake of older Luddites such as myself, Amazon always retains a simple, inexpensive, monochromatic eInk reader in their catalog.

Speaking of which, my refurb Kindle is due in today… and I’ve been asked to cover the condition of Amazon refurbs. Will do, stay tuned.

4 thoughts on “Amazon iPad App Foreshadows Multimedia Kindle 3?”

  1. My wife’s 86 year old uncle has a Kindle and loves it. I’m not a big reader but if the new one is cheaper than the Ipad I may consider buying one.

    Visited them this weekend and I was wondering who won Friday’s Yankee game. He says “Hold on.” and whips out his Iphone, starts safari, and says “Yeah, I got this thing last year, it’s pretty nice. The yanks won 2-1”. It’s hilarious/sad that an 86 year old man has more gadgets than I do. :(

  2. I’m betting we don’t see a color hardware Kindle from Amazon in 2010 – possibly not even until later 2011. But it’s a no-brainer to sell multi-media “enhanced” content in their store and therefore from the iPad Kindle app.

    I personally think Amazon needs to push to make minor improvements to the already good Kindle and push that price down as they go. WiFi-only Kindle has to happen soon – hopefully at a very competitive price point…

  3. Amazon really needs a color Kindle and better PDF support.

    There is a whole world of magazines and color books waiting for the Kindle. Otherwise the iPad and other such devices will be luring users away.

    Personally I would love to ready my digital subscriptions of Scientific American, Fast Company, Inc, Men’s Health, and Entrepreneur on a color Kindle.

    I would choose that over an iPad any day. Especially days in sitting with my wife reading in the park. :)

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