Netflix: “Know thyself. Stream, baby, stream.”

Netflix recently launched a very interesting presentation¬†on their employment page that describes their ongoing evolution from physical media distributor to Internet-delivered content provider. PLUS a good number of slides (accurately) describe where they see the competition coming from. It’s a must read if you’re at all interested in the space (and/or a NFLX investor). Some specific highlights beyond the meta conversation:

  • DVD shipments will peak in 2013
  • Estimate of 17 million Netflix subscribers by the end of the year
  • International expansion beginning this year
  • No “adult” content

(via NewTeeVee and HackingNetfllix)

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3 thoughts on “Netflix: “Know thyself. Stream, baby, stream.””

  1. Does “international expansion” means that we may see streaming content in Europe as well ?

  2. The “no adult content” part is questionable. I am split on whether they should offer it. It would be a nice option for some, but I wonder if it would put them (as a company) in legal grey areas for some regions that do not allow such content.

  3. What’s the harm in adding some of the mentioned options like PPV or ad-supported streaming? Brand dillution? Not enough staff to handle everything?

    I don’t see those as high-priority items (should work with OEM to get on more TVs/boxes), but could be nice for the future.

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