CableCARD HDHomeRun Gets 3rd Tuner & Launch Date

EngadgetHD has the latest scoop on SiliconDust’s upcoming networked CableCARD device along with a shot of the prototype. Ben Drawbaugh reports that this HDHomeRun will actually contain three CableCARD tuners  – one more than previously reported. The other interesting news is that SiliconDust hopes to have the device ready for the holidays as long as CableLabs certification happens in a timely fashion. The beta signup period has come and gone, so SiliconDust should be shortly notifying the handful of beta testers they’ve chosen.

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2 thoughts on “CableCARD HDHomeRun Gets 3rd Tuner & Launch Date”

  1. I signed up for the Beta. This looks more appealing now that it has 3 tuners.

    The separate nature of this VS a PCI-E card is nice too. You can locate this anywhere there’s cable and Ethernet access, perhaps at your demarc or in a utility room. Just run cat 5, plug it all in, enjoy!

  2. I missed out on the beta, sadly. If the price does in fact hold at $250, this will be great — though it’s disappointing that it’s still, what, 6 months out? If it were coming out sooner it would be a no-brainer for me, but as it is I’ll probably choke down the price of the Ceton card that comes out in a few weeks.

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