The Cable Show 2010 Tweets

The cable industry’s annual Cable Show may feature a lot of ‘suits’, but it always makes for an interesting time. Here’s a look back at the recently concluded 2010 edition held in Los Angeles, via a string of my tweets – in chronological order from the flight out to my arrival home:

  • Boarding flight to LA. See folks I recognize from other conferences and can’t remember their names. Waiting on the nametags… (5/10)
  • Made it to registration. Headed next to the Conga room (?) for a reception. Bunch of cable reporters. Now this is the cool crowd. (5/10)
  • Headed to dinner with @pjrodriguez and @msbrumfield. Life is good. (5/10)
  • Whatever you think of his positions, @kylemcslarrow speaks pretty openly in an industry where many don’t. (5/11)
  • Google is at the cable show. Interesting.
  • Chernin asking Roberts how retrans agreements will work when Comcast sits on both sides… (5/11)
  • Brian Roberts says another version of its TV Everywhere product will be out in the next 90 days. (5/11)
  • Cool navigation feature on display in Motorola booth – 4-way nav using the arrows on your TV remote control: (5/11)
  • The @tvrejects rocked! (5/12)
  • Battle of the Bands was great fun. Even if my phone was confiscated. Thanks to Jeff for getting it back. (5/12)
  • And thanks to Time Warner Cable for the Power Pack. Powerade is perfect to end the evening. And I’ll wear the blinky ring tomorrow. (5/12)
  • Verdict so far on new Eee 1005PE – speed not great, but battery life is phenomenal. Survived a whole day of trade show blogging. (5/12)
  • Media Everywhere panel from the Cable Show streamed live here: (5/12)
  • Tom Rothman (News Corp Film) says success of Avatar was based on its story, not the visuals and technology. Really?? (5/12)
  • Comcast’s Roberts: Don’t make one big bet; support everything. Support content wherever people want it. (5/12)
  • Mark Andreessen says he pays $4k/month for a 100Mbps commercial connection from AT&T. Did I hear that right? (5/12)
  • Confirmed by many folks: Andreessen pays $4k/mo for 100Mbps connection at home. Opportunity for a cableco to make an announcement? (5/12)
  • Are platforms (Google/Facebook/Twitter) walled gardens, or traffic drivers for content folks? Bewkes: depends on providers’ ability to track (5/12)
  • Better articulated by @kaiyzen Who owns user data and has access to it changes the content/distro game,google/fbook/twitter, (5/12)
  • New Comcast iPad-to-TV app uses EBIF. Works as remote control; adds interactivity and social elements. (5/12)
  • At universal studios. Park open for cable show attendees only. Unbelievably awesome. #CS10 (5/12)
  • How exactly did NCTA pull off this private Maroon 5 concert? Wow. (5/13)
  • At Cable Show Maroon 5 concert: (5/13)
  • Back home from L.A. with much work to do. Thanks for the Cable Show fun. Till next year… (5/14)

Two bonus photos… ;)

2 thoughts on “The Cable Show 2010 Tweets”

  1. The DISH Team Summit I attended featured Hootie & The Blowfish. I win. ;) The LA Cable Show sounds much more dynamic that what went down here in our neighborhood last year. Maybe DC is just too stuffy. (And lacks theme parks.)

  2. Of the last three years, New Orleans had location and atmosphere, DC had possibly the best conference content, and LA had the celeb connections.

    Oh yeah, and Hootie? Please. Not a fan. I declare I win. ;)

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