Comcast to Offer 11,000 Movies On-Demand

Mari Silbey —  May 11, 2010

Comcast Brian Roberts Cable Show 2010

Comcast’s Brian Roberts has taken the stage at The Cable Show and dropped the first news bomb. According to Roberts, Comcast is taking a “quantum” leap forward in expanding its available on-demand content to include up to 11,000 movies. That’s right, 11,000 movies. VOD content will jump from 8,500 to 70,000 hours available. Comcast is launching the new content in a couple of test markets first including Philadelphia. Lucky for me.

Other stats from Brian Roberts:

  • Comcast has exceeded the 15 billion mark for on-demand orders
  • There are 350 million Comcast on-demand views per month
  • If on-demand was its own channel, it would be the second highest watched channel for Comcast

8 responses to Comcast to Offer 11,000 Movies On-Demand

  1. Now, if they improved the navigation a bit so it was easier to navigate through those 70,000….

    Punching through a maze of menus is tough. I’d like to be able to search for title, keyword, actor/actress, director, what network it aired on, or any combination of those search criteria.

    Oh and if I have an HDTV, automatically deliver it to me in HD if available.

  2. My question is when/if they will open up their VOD to DVR’s like TiVo. I’d be perfectly happy with a app on the Premiere, much like Netflix.

  3. Better UI and multi-room DVR are more important to me than more VOD offerings.

  4. Exactly Peter. What good is all this content if navigating it is a bear.

    Anyway new Motorola DCX3501M will come out with a 500GB hard drive and whole home DVR capabilities.

    See here:

    All the new Motorola stuff is ready and willing for advanced HD GUI’s. Comcast just has to be brave to release it already.

  5. Actually Mari, I thought the most interesting thing he said, at least based on the live blog over at the WSJ Bits Blog, was that he was actually aware how clunky and awful the “blue sausage” U/I was for navigating VOD content. Course its Comcast’s own U/I he was trashing, which is interesting.

    I wonder if that suggests something new is coming? I seriously don’t see how users are going to navigate through this much content successfully with the existing horrible interface.

  6. New stuff is coming, at least according to the Comcast rumors. We’ll see what pans out.

  7. Please deliver us some J-Guide screenshots Mari! Looking forward to it. Searched Flickr and didn’t find anything yet, except for some stuff from Cisco. Represent the motorola love!

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