Palm’s CEO Responds To Email Too

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Trusted ZNF source MethodicJon reached out to Palm’s CEO via email after seeing a well-done, fan-created Palm commercial on Engadget. In Jon’s own words:

Heiko Thies did it better then some high priced marketing firm, IMO. On a whim I decided to e-mail the Palm CEO and see if he’d respond. After all even Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs has been responding lately to customer email. To my surprise, Jon Rubinstein responded back. It’s really good to see some CEOs still care and take the time to talk to customers. I currently have an iPhone but I’ve been a happy Palm customer before and I hope to be again when a Palm device hits AT&T.

Which is exactly what Jon Rubinstein wants of him: “You should buy a Pre plus because it is the best smartphone on the market. Try it, you’ll like it!!!!”

While most of us agree that Palm’s currently in a world of hurt, it’s refreshing to see direct communication with the rank and file straight from the top. But I’m still awaiting the the aluminum unibody Pre Double Plus before giving webOS (2.0) another look.

1 thought on “Palm’s CEO Responds To Email Too”

  1. You think it was because both are named Jon? ;)

    I really, really hope Palm releases something special in June on Sprint, but it’d have to be pretty great to lure people on Sprint (or coming over) from HTC EVO.

    Oh, well, summer is going to be an exciting time with those products, new iPhone & corresponding OS, and 3D technology starting its push (TVs, BR players, AVRs, #D channels).

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